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Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Suppliers In Singapore

Spinach has a variety of sharp leaf spinach, round leaf spinach, flower leaf spinach and so on(128 cell trays bulk). They are rich in vitamin C, carotene, protein, iron, calcium and other minerals. They are popular vegetables. For spinach land, it is better to select the high dry land that has not been planted spinach and is relatively poor in the previous year (but for the land that is too poor(23cm plastic grow pots), some fertilizer should be applied as appropriate).

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Generally, the north is planted in the first ten days of October and the south in the middle of December(72 cell plug trays supplier). 7-8kg per mu. In the treatment of the disease spot, the disease spot should be completely removed, and the healthy skin with a width of 0,5cm should be removed. After double effect qufuling daub the scar, daub with qufuling 40 times liquid, the effect is 98%(6.35cm square grow pots); or spray with 300 times liquid before germination and after defoliation.

(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers in singapore)When there are two leaves in spinach, the first thinning should be carried out(gallon pot). The plant spacing within the row is about 2-3cm. Later, with the growth of the seedlings, the spacing between the seedlings is 12-15cm. After the first thinning, 509-750kg of thin human feces should be applied per mu of land(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). After the application, the soil should be cultivated to promote the growth of the seedlings. It is required to reach 4-6 leaves within the year.

When it is rainy in spring, it is necessary to timely open ditches for drainage, and water properly in case of drought, especially during the result period(square grow pots). The characteristics of male plants at seedling stage are that the leaves are tied to the ground and erected late; at jointing stage before and after "Qingming", the stem is hard, the leaves are small(sureroot plug trays bulk), the flowers are large and the flowers are small, so they can not bear fruit, so they should be pulled out in time.(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers in singapore)

They should not be discarded in the field or piled near the orchard to reduce the source of bacteria(plastic plant trays wholesale). After cooling, put some camphor balls in the jar to cover them, and place them in a cool and ventilated place, then they can be stored and stored for sowing next year(72 cell seed trays wholesale). In the process of pruning orchard in winter and summer, the dead branches, diseased branches, stumps and broken branches should be removed, burned or moved away from the orchard.

(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers in singapore)7-12 days after the onset of the disease, when the air is humid after the rain, a large number of gray white molds are produced in the disease(large plastic terracotta pots). In case of rainy days, pile up a canopy after pulling it out, with the root facing out, pile up a canopy on an mu of land, without covering, pile up for 7-15 days(blow molded nursery pots), select a sunny day, pull out the vegetable pole, knock down the vegetables, dry them in the sun, and then put them into the jar.

50 kg of water, 1-15 kg of 40% wettable formis powder and 1 kg of "pingpingjia" penetrant were added(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). There are two kinds of flower rot symptoms, one is that when the flower bud first appears, it can be infected and rotted, and the diseased flower is yellow brown and withered(7 gallon nursery pots bulk); the other is caused by the spread of leaf rot, which makes the base and pedicel of the flower cluster rotted, and the flower withered and drooped.(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers in singapore)

The scar should be applied with 1-2 times of fungicide, such as 80 times of 40% formic arsenic wettable powder, 10 times of humic acid or 10 degrees of stone sulfur mixture(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). First, cut off the diseased skin and healthy skin with a knife to the depth of xylem, then cut the diseased skin into 05cm longitudinal strips, and evenly smear the liquid medicine on the diseased part with a brush(bulk 10 gallon pots).  The application method of arsenic level solution is to prepare arsenic level solution first.

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