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Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Manufacturers In Austria

Before seedling emergence and transplanting survival, the temperature should be controlled between 25 ~ 30 ℃(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), the higher bed temperature can make the seeds sprout quickly and the seedlings grow roots quickly. After emergence and before transplantation, pay attention to ventilation at any time(bulk half gallon pots), reduce the bed temperature properly, and keep it at about 15 ℃, it can be poured less or not.

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The way to reduce the bed temperature is mainly to open the film for ventilation and cooling at noon(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). During the period from sowing to seedling emergence, the film shall be sealed without ventilation, and the bed temperature shall be controlled at 25-30 ℃ as far as possible to accelerate seed emergence(gallon planters supplier). Watering is one of the keys to the success of seedling raising. The distance between seedlings was about 3cm.(plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers in austria)

When the angle of the lateral branch is small, the opening angle can be opened by the method of "inside bud and outside pedaling"(1 gallon plant pots supplier). After seedling emergence or transplanting, it is better to reduce to about 15 ℃, so that the seedlings can accumulate more nutrients, consume less assimilates, and thrive(7 gallon pots manufacturer). If the weather is dark and bright, the bed temperature is higher than 30 ℃, the film shall be removed for ventilation.

Too much water in rainy days will affect the normal growth of seedlings and even cause seedling toppling(large plastic terracotta pots). On the basis of sufficient "bottom water" during sowing, from seedling emergence to transplantation. If the bed soil is too dry to be watered, it can be used to spray the kettle and even the liquor(2 gallon pots manufacturer). Topdressing at seedling stage can promote the growth and development of seedlings and improve the quality of seedlings.

(plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers in austria)The vegetables are easy to deteriorate and rot after harvest, and lose the edible value(gallon pot). The results showed that the application of cytokinins could prolong the fresh time. So this is because the use of cytokinin spray wine vegetables, can delay the degradation of protein and chlorophyll in green tissue, inhibit the progress of respiration(1 gallon pots manufacturer). The new fruiting branch group was cultured with extra long branches.

Generally, when the seedlings are collected, they should be thinned and the injured, deformed and sick ones should be pulled out(square grow pots). Low temperature exercise is mainly carried out through the method of removing membrane ventilation to reduce the bed temperature(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). Especially for some early maturing varieties, the effect of applying fertilizer in the middle and later stage of seedbed is significant.(plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers in austria)

If the sowing is not even, it is necessary to pump the density to make up the deficiency, so as to achieve the basic consistency of the whole bed(plastic grow pots). In rainy days, the temperature is about 20 ℃, which can reduce the respiratory consumption. Different vegetables can be watered in different ways: for example, spring radish can be watered in full eyelashes(2 gallon plant pots supplier); cucumber and green pepper can be watered in ditches. 

How to keep the vegetables fresh(plastic plant trays wholesale)? Low temperature exercise can make seedlings grow strong, promote flower bud differentiation, and improve the resistance ability of seedlings. The bed temperature can be reduced to about 15 ℃ in the daytime, and it should be reduced as far as possible within the limit of the seedlings not suffering from frost damage(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If the seedlings are fixed and reshaped, 10-15cm can be cut.(plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers in austria)

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