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Cheapest Succulent Propagation Tray Suppliers China

In mountain orchards, for varieties with poor sprouts and branches, they should be kept shorter and 30-50 cm in length(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). The third bud under the cut should be left in the oblique side of the back to prepare the side branch. Auxiliary branches may be shortened to make them larger(6.5inch plastic plant pots). In the fourth year pruning center, dry pruning leave 50 ~ 70cm cut, the cut bud should pay attention to the main branch direction of the third layer.

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The main branches of the first and second layers can be kept 1 ~ 2 auxiliary branches at a large distance(14 gallon nursery pots supplier). The main and side branches of each layer are lighter than young trees, and the crown is rapidly expanded. The main branch is trimmed and the extended branch is left to be cut by 30 ~ 40cm(7.48inch plastic plant pots). When it gradually weakens, that is, when it grows to the thickness of the main branch of the branch or the third layer to be close to the center stem.

(cheapest succulent propagation tray suppliers china)Select the first branch of the first branch of each side branch at a distance of 50 ~ 60cm from the trunk(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Try to stay in the direction of the anticline side. The distance is less than two years to complete. Same side. The fixed dry height in the mountains is 50 ~ 60cm, and the fixed dry height in the flat is 70 ~ 80cm(98 cell plug trays). After germination, leave 7-8 full buds under the cut, and the remaining buds should be wiped off in time.

Cut 40cm of each main branch extension branch(cheap 7 gallon plant pots). Except for the main and lateral branch extensions and the cultivation of large fruiting branches, the remaining branches can be lightly sheared or slowly released to promote fruiting. For the fruiting auxiliary branches, the size of the space can be retracted or shortened(black plastic plant pots wholesale). The fruit from the flower buds of the axillary branches at all levels should be sparse, so as not to affect the expansion of the crown.

The initial pruning technique The main task of this period is to rapidly expand the canopy, cultivate a strong tree skeleton, and complete the plastic surgery task(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). Handle auxiliary branches, pay attention to the cultivation of the resulting branches, adjust the relationship between growth and results, and maintain the balance of tree vigor(polystyrene plug plant trays). Jinhong and Huang Taiping used axillary flower buds to produce a large number of fruits during this period.

In the fifth year, pruning saplings that are 4 to 5 years old, such as Huang Taiping and Jin Hong, already have some yields(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). You should pay attention to the correct results of plastic surgery. If the angle does not open, the angle can be opened by the method of "inside bud outside kicking", support, pulling or turning the main head(bulk pots). It is necessary to vigorously cultivate the fruiting branch group and continuously increase the fruiting area.(cheapest succulent propagation tray suppliers china) 

Therefore, it is necessary to cut lightly(3 gallon nursery pots supplier), pay attention to the retraction and pruning of the resulting branches after slow release, remove the over-dense inner twigs, then saw off from the base, properly shrink the already weak branches or over-long branches, and remove the dense upright branches, there is space The shrivelled buds are extremely heavy and short(shallow germination trays), and gradually cultivate into fruiting shoots(the original head, the main branch).

(cheapest succulent propagation tray suppliers china)First remove the strength of the original center stem, leave it weak, and release it slowly(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). In order to facilitate the healing of the wounds with falling heads, one should keep an extra “follower” when selecting the top main branch as early as during the plastic surgery of the young tree, that is, leave two branches within one year to form three branches Branches(4 inch plastic pots wholesale), follow branches), to create conditions for falling heads.

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