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High Quality Commercial Plastic Plant Pots Ireland

Compared with the traditional surface irrigation(seed propagation trays), sprinkler irrigation has many advantages, such as saving water, keeping the loose state of the original soil, adjusting the microclimate of the orchard, saving labor, high working efficiency, not high requirements for the land, mountain can be used, etc.(5 gallon plastic nursery pots), but it may also aggravate the infection of some fruit trees with powdery mildew and other fungal diseases.

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Drip irrigation is an advanced irrigation technology with mechanization and automation developed in recent years(plastic cell trays supplier). It is a method of irrigating water which is applied to the root zone of plants slowly by water drop or small water flow. The pruning technique of young trees (taking the evacuation stratified form as an example) should be carried out immediately after the first year of pruning and seedling planting(bulk buy plastic plant pots), leaving enough interlayer distance.

(high quality commercial plastic plant pots ireland)If it is planted in poor land, the growth is very weak after planting, 3-5 buds can be cut off, and the main branches can be selected the next year(plastic potting pots). This method can save water, labor and fruit tree growth, so it is a promising irrigation method. Select and retain 3 main branches in the first layer of main branches(4 inch plastic pots bulk). There is no space for large auxiliary branches, which can be shrunk and pruned. If there are accessory shoots, 3-5 buds can be cut.

According to the situation of branches, reducing the damage of low temperature and high temperature dry wind to the fruit trees, select and retain 2 main branches, and wait for the next year(seed starting trays wholesale). This method is economical in water consumption, but it is easy to harden the surface soil due to its small soaking range(2 gallon pots wholesale). Hole irrigation dig a hole at the outer edge of the canopy projection, and pour water into the hole until it is full.

The first main branch should be the outside of the terrace, and the windward direction should be selected for the place with wind damage(heavy duty gallon pot). The main branch should be cut short, and the length of cutting should be shorter than that of the central trunk, generally about 30 cm. When cutting short, we should pay attention to cutting the buds(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). For the species with open tree, pay attention to the selection of external buds.(high quality commercial plastic plant pots ireland)

In addition to over dense and overlapping branches, 1-2 branches should be selected as the preparatory branches to prevent mechanical damage(heavy duty plant pots). For the middle and weak branches not short cut, for the useful branches with strong growth, leave 2-3 withered buds for extremely heavy short cut to control their growth(5.9inch plastic plant pots). In the third year, the cutting degree of pruning center is determined by the selection and retention of the first main branch.

(high quality commercial plastic plant pots ireland)If the first main branch is not selected, the second or third main branch can be selected, and an upright branch in the center can be selected as the central trunk(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). The cutting length is 40 ~ 50cm, and the first bud under the cutting mouth should be in the windward direction when the wind is strong(2.5 inch square plastic pots); the direction of sprouting: the third bud should be in the direction of the third main branch, so as to select the third main branch.

The second layer of main branches has been pruned for several years(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). The angle can also be increased by the branch pulling method to make the result. For the varieties with upright tree posture, we should use the method of "double buds outside" for the main branches of Wang(6.3inch plastic plant pots), and the method of "inner buds outside" for the main branches with medium growth(pay attention to 120 degrees of azimuth angle of each main branch).

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