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Generally, the two or four drops of agricultural use are mixed to a concentration of 10-20 ppm(plastic growing trays), spray it on the flower stand with a mosquito killer sprayer, or apply the drug solution to the stigma and stalk of the flower with a brush, but you should try to avoid applying medicine Get on new shoots or young leaves, so as not to affect the growth of tomatoes(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The use time is generally in the afternoon.

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The application of two or four drops can generally increase the yield of tomatoes by 30%, and the yield of greenhouse cultivation can be doubled(2 gallon nursery pots). Can occur throughout the growing period, but the disease is more severe in the middle and later periods under high temperature and high humidity conditions(200 cell seed trays). Tomato early blight, also known as ring rot. According to the test, two or four drops of auxin can prevent tomatoes from falling.(teku plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers canada)

Not suitable for use at noon or before rain(square nursery pots). Is best used when the flower is about to open but not yet fully open. Do not apply if it is not yet blooming. The application amount of two or four drops should not be too large to avoid phytotoxicity. After applying two or four drops of tomatoes, the fruit is thick and fleshy, the sugar and vitamin content increases, and the acidity decreases(grow bags wholesale). It is suitable for raw food and has a delicious fragrance. 

Generally, the base fertilizer is over 4000 kg per mu of rot and mature fart fertilizer, and the top dressing is 5-6 times, and the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are 30-50 kg each(seed trays). If the fruit is about to ripen, there is no need to process it. In addition, 0.4% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed on the foliar and flowering stages 2 to 3 times(128 cell plug trays). To prevent and cure this disease, first select the fruit of disease-free plants for seeding.

(teku plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers canada)The diseased part first produces dark brown spots, and then gradually expands into round or oval disease spots(5 gallon plant pot). The surroundings turn yellow and slightly sunken. There are black villiform mold on the diseased spots when wet, serious leaves All withered. Disease spots on the stem mostly occur at the branches(7 gallon pots); fruit lesions mostly occur at the base and cracks of the fruit, round, brown, and easy to produce black mold.

The suitable temperature for germination of pathogenic spores is 24 ~ 30 ℃(15 gallon nursery pots). The pathogens overwinter with hyphae and conidia in soil and seeds. In spring, they are spread by wind, rain, running water, insects, etc., and are harmed by host stomata, epidermis and wound invasion(plastic plant pots). Especially after the wind and rain, the leaf humidity is high, the damage is many, the disease is rapid and serious, and the disease is more serious in the stubble field.

The leaves are damaged and spread from the bottom to the top. Withered plants, the leaves are yellow and easy to fall off, and in severe cases, the whole plant will die. In recent years, the damage caused by tomato toxin diseases in various regions has become increasingly serious. The fertilizer used in the early stage should be light(1 gallon plant pots). The method of preventing stem cracking is mainly to prevent excessive fertilization in the early stage.

Mainly harms leaves, but also petioles, stems and fruits. In addition to the point root fertilizer and the slow seedling fertilizer, it is generally applied every 7 to 10 days; heavy fertilizer should be applied when the first ear has large walnuts and the second fruit has large soybeans(seed starter trays), per mu Approximately 12.5 kg of ammonium sulfate or 7.5 kg of urea should never be used when it is unfruitful or at the beginning of fruiting.(teku plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers canada)

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