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Cheap Rice Seedling Tray Wholesale Suppliers In Thailand

Therefore, it can save seedling, material and labor, reduce cost, and improve fruit quality and yield(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). This cultivation method has developed into a main planting method of canned tomatoes in the United States, lidali, Spain and other countries(162 cell seed starting trays). Tainan County of Taiwan Province has planted over 100000 mu, and its economic income has exceeded that of pineapple, becoming the export base of canned tomatoes.

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The strong seedling of tomato should have the following characteristics: the stem is thick and short, compact, the plant height is not more than 20 ~ 25cm(200 cell seed starting trays); the leaves and stems are dark green, the leaves are thick, the back of the stems and leaves are slightly purple, hairy, and the development degree is moderate(200 cell trays bulk); the root system is developed; the growth is consistent, and the buds are neat, and the rest flower buds shall be removed.

(cheap rice seedling tray wholesale suppliers in thailand)After pruning, nutrients are concentrated and tomato fruit setting rate is high(15 cell trays bulk); at the same time, pruning can improve ventilation and light transmission conditions between plants. In order to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions in the tomato garden and reduce the diseases and insect pests, the foot leaves under the tomato plants should be removed(162 cell trays bulk), so as to concentrate nutrition and improve the effect rate.

The effect of spraying 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate is very good(wholesale 1020 trays). The pruning of tomato should be carried out according to the variety habit, planting density and other different conditions; and adopt the methods of emasculation in bud stage, The method of single stalk pruning is to remove the lateral buds outside the main stalk in time(105 cell trays bulk). It's not built by pruning, but covered by plastic film on the ground.(cheap rice seedling tray wholesale suppliers in thailand)

In domestic cultivation, the improved varieties can be selected from the types with the characteristics of self sealing, short internode and strong branching(seed starting trays). Tomato branch ability is very strong, often branch too much too much, nutrient dispersion, affect fruit quality and yield. Tomato should be planted thinly without scaffolds, with 1300-1500 plants per mu(98 cell trays bulk). The pathogen of Fusarium wilt is propagated by this toxin, which is beneficial to reduce pests and improve quality.

(cheap rice seedling tray wholesale suppliers in thailand)For example, according to the planting density, single stem and one stem and half pruning can be carried out(square plastic plant pots); double stem pruning is to keep two stems, the method is to keep the side buds under the first blanket for Culm formation, after the two culms are left, the rest of the side buds should be removed in time(50 cell trays bulk); one stem and half pruning method is to remove the heart after the two culms are formed and the second culm produces 1-2 fruits.

According to the experiment, the best way to pollinate tomato is to choose a sunny day with an average daily temperature of 17-25 ℃(plastic terracotta pots), pollination in full bloom stage and repeated pollination to improve the fruit bearing rate and the number of fruit bearing per fruit. The utility model adopts a hand electric pollen collector made in Shanghai to collect pollen and uses a pollen pollinator to pollinate(32 cell trays bulk), which can improve the work efficiency.(cheap rice seedling tray wholesale suppliers in thailand)

When pruning, for the varieties with large fruit shape and small seed quantity, if cross crossing is needed(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers); for the varieties with medium fruit shape and large seed quantity, 22-66 varieties with medium maturity, medium fruit number and strong disease resistance shall be used as female parent(21 cell trays bulk), and Beijing Zaohong as male parent; for the female parent, double stem pruning shall be used, four fruits shall be left in each inflorescence.

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