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High Quality Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers Germany

Landscape planting can deepen the soil layer, which is conducive to drainage and ventilation, and improves production(bulk 2 gallon containers). Common varieties of radishes cultivated in autumn and winter everywhere are green radish, white radish and lantern red. The seeds should be new(greenhouse trays and pots). The suitable sowing period of winter radish is from late July to mid-August. Seeding or intermittent seeding is better, sowing 0.25 ~ 0.5 kg per mu. 

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Before and after the seedlings are unearthed, the water should be enough to ensure rapid germination and regular emergence of bacteria(thermoform pots). The seeds that are too old are weak in germination, the main roots are not easy to extend, and the right roots are easy to form. During the growth period, spray Bordeaux solution in time, and try to reduce the damage caused by machinery and pests(hydroponic farming tray). Till 30 cm deep, rake sugar and make a poke.

(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers germany)When 3 ~ 5 true leaves grow, the straight roots start to enlarge, and a "broken belly" occurs(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). To prevent these phenomena, the method is to choose well-drained plots, intensive cultivation, application of decomposed fertilizers, rational irrigation, direct seeding with seeds, and do not transplant seedlings(v10 nursery pots). Radish cracking, bran heart, spicy taste, bitterness, etc. are often caused by improper watering and fertilization.

The root growth speeds up after the belly is broken, and the growth speed of the root increases sharply when it reaches a shoulder as thick as a thumb(24 cell trays bulk). At this time, the requirements for fertilizer and water are very urgent. Then apply 20-30 kg of ammonium sulphate and 150-250 kg of plant ash(4.13inch plastic plant pots). After that, generally no more topdressing, spray 2% liquid phosphate fertilizer every half month if possible. Water should be poured evenly.(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers germany)

Before tillage, apply 5000 kg of rot and fertilization fertilizer per mu, and 50 kg of superphosphate(4 cell trays bulk). The main diseases are viral diseases, downy mildew and black rot. To control black rot, the first step is to use healthy plants for seed retention, and soak the seeds in warm water at 50 ° C for 20 minutes before sowing(mushroom growing trays). In addition, it is necessary to implement crop rotation, and plant radishes every two years after planting cruciferous crops.

(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers germany)The benefits are: saving the labor and cost of storing garlic seeds in winter, autumn sowing emerges earlier than spring sowing, and harvests 5 to 10 days earlier, and can be stubble in advance(6 cell trays bulk); it can not affect the sowing due to early spring waterlogging, delaying agricultural time; all trials have proven that general production increases ~ 30%(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). Early seedlings in time after emergence, when 4 ~ 5 true leaves are set.

After the garlic is up, remove the mud and dry it fully(8 cell trays bulk). When splitting the petals before sowing, the seeds should be sown according to the large, medium, and small petals, and the garlic with disease or insect damage or mechanical damage should be removed at the same time(propagation trays for cuttings). In addition, according to research, cotton and garlic intercropping, cotton is light, garlic can be treated without pesticides before harvesting.(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers germany)

To ensure that the emergence is neat and easy to organize(12 cell trays bulk). Whether the planting time is right is the key to overwintering. The most suitable sowing date should be within 4 days around October 1. Before the ground is frozen, the shoots can grow to 1 inch long. It takes about one ton of coal to raise 400 kg of garlic plants(small plastic hanging baskets). The seedlings are grown in the seedling raising plant for about 20 days and then transplanted into the garlic plant.

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