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Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers Germany

For example, acorns, chestnuts, walnuts, Ginkgo biloba, etc(large plastic terracotta pots). can be collected on the ground when they are mature and fall off; broad-leaved trees, such as nuts, fleshy fruits, winged fruits and other trees, lose a whole stream of fruit(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale); sprouted fruits, beautiful fruits and other trees, when their seeds are mature, dry fruit and seeds fall off, but poplar, paste, school, Paulownia and other tree seeds are taken down together with the peel.

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The long abscission period can be divided into three stages(cheap plastic plant pots bulk): early stage, middle stage, late stage (initial stage, peak stage, and final stage). Generally, the early and middle abscission seeds have good quality. Most of the species are scattered after the fruit becomes hot in autumn or early winter(7 gallon plant pot). According to the genus, the fruit of schizonephora spinosus is scattered in autumn and the fruit of schizonephora lucidum is scattered in spring.

(plastic cell seedling trays wholesale suppliers germany)Generally, when the temperature is high, the air is dry and the wind speed is high, because the fruit loses water quickly, the fruit falls off early, and vice versa(5 gallon pot). The whole process of threshing, seed cleaning and seed grading of cones takes about 12 hours. In China, the method of indoor drying (in drying box) is commonly used to thresh the cones(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). But there are exceptions, such as a few tropical pine seed dispersal extended to the next spring.

After most of the cones lose water, the cones will crack and the seeds will come out(3 gallon plant pots). Generally, when the actual morphology of seed is mature, if the collection is too early or too late, the yield and quality of seed will be affected. Mulberry, Huanghu, corkscrew and other tree species fall after seed ripening for a short time, while Pinus tabulaeformis, Platycladus orientalis, Robinia pseudoacacia(10 gallon pot), Amorpha fruticosa, Prunus mume and other tree species fall after seed ripening for a long time.

Therefore, the hot air around the cones saturated by water vapor shall be removed by a blower, so that the relatively dry warm air can flow in(square grow pots). The specific method is: in the drying room with temperature and humidity control equipment, such as heating, steam pipe or electrical heating, the cones are placed on the drying frame (in the drying cabinet). Some tree species(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale), such as poplar, willow, elm, birch and so on, are scattered immediately after they are mature.(plastic cell seedling trays wholesale suppliers germany)

The developed countries, such as the United States, Japan, the former Soviet Union, Sweden and so on, have designed artificial drying halls with high production efficiency(plastic grow pots). Under natural conditions, the cones lose water gradually after ripening, the scales split and the seeds come out of the cones. Generally, the drying temperature is between 40-55 ℃, but when the moisture content of cones is low, it can be higher(1 gallon plant pots). This is the second decisive factor in the drying process.(plastic cell seedling trays wholesale suppliers germany)

In order to get seeds from the ball fruit which has not been split, the ball fruit must be dried and split quickly, and the seeds must be detached(plastic plant trays wholesale). The drying methods are divided into natural drying method (Yang drying method) and artificial drying method. With the automatic drying machine made in the Soviet Union, the pelletizing process of the cones is all mechanized(15 gallon pot). The species of poplar, willow and elm are scattered in spring. The natural drying method is to use sunlight to dry the cones.

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