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Cheapest Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Chile

Otherwise, it will not only cause a decline in the yield and quality of the seeds in the current year, but also affect the harvest of the seeds in the coming year(seedling trays). All preparations must be made before seed collection(plastic plant trays). In addition, you should also prepare a pergola, a drying field, etc., so as to prepare the seeds for immediate treatment after the seeds are collected, so as not to accumulate too long and cause heat and rot.

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Seeds that are easy to fly with the wind after becoming hot should be harvested before shedding after heating(1020 trays). In late and early summer, the seeds matured. Although it does not fall off immediately after becoming hot, once it falls off, seeds that are not easy to collect from the ground(seed starter trays), such as larch, Chinese pine, arborvitae, etc., should collect the cones from the tree before the seeds fall off (autumn mature). The heating period and the shedding period are very similar.(cheapest plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers chile)

The seeds are light and small, with wings or hairs(25 gallon pots). Refers to the collection of seeds shed from trees on the ground. Most coniferous tree species (such as pine, cedar, cypress, etc.), berry tree species (such as stick, nan, Lou, etc.), and rare and precious tree species should be planted on the tree. When using the ground collection method, weeds and dead ground should be removed before the seeds fall off to collect the fallen seeds(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, before the seeds are harvested, tools must be prepared.

(cheapest plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers chile)Before planting, first check the planted stands on the spot to determine the reliable planting location and area(square nursery pots). Refers to collecting seeds on the water. It is suitable for trees that grow by the water or trees that fall on the water after the seeds mature. Among the above four kinds of seed collection methods, the most commonly used are the standing tree collection method and the ground collection method(5 gallon pots). Seed collection is an important process for obtaining seeds.

It is suitable for large seeds, such as webs, mechanical trees, orange trees, camellia, oleifera, ginkgo, etc(1 gallon nursery pots). Then we must formulate a seed collection plan, organize a professional team, and divide tasks. Technical training should be carried out for the seed collectors to ensure the quality of seed collection(2 gallon pots). The quality of the seed collection tools not only directly affects work efficiency, but also greatly affects the protection of the mother tree and the safety of the seed collectors.

It is only suitable for logging operations during the period from seed maturity to shedding. Although the broad-leaved tree species that do not fall off for a long time after becoming hot, such as bitter thorns, saponins, locust trees, etc., can prolong the seed collection period, they cannot be delayed too long to avoid degrading the seed quality by hanging on the tree for a long time(15 gallon pots). The pre-drying temperature is generally maintained at about 20 ~ 25 ℃.(cheapest plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers chile)

Such as larch does not exceed 40 ℃, plum pine and cloud shirt does not exceed 45 ℃, wet pine and loblolly pine does not exceed 50 ℃(10 gallon plant pot). The dried cones must be pre-dried, otherwise the quality of the seeds will be reduced(7 gallon pots). Drying ventilation In the drying process, when the air does not flow, the cones will be quickly surrounded by a layer of water saturated with air, the cones moisture is not easy to emit, and the drying time is extended.

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