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Best Thermoforming Plastic Seed Trays Factory Taiwan

According to available data, the seeds of forced dormancy are generally 1-2 months, and the seeds of physiological dormancy take about 2-7 months(plastic plant trays wholesale). In order to ensure the necessary water for the seeds during the germination process, the seeds should be mixed with moist substances (such as wet sand or wet peat) during germination(plastic potting pots). The moisture content of the wet sand is preferably 60% of the saturated moisture content.

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Put the wet sand, do not drip when you hold it firmly, loosen the sand mass without spreading(greenhouse supplies pots), that is, close to 1% moisture content). Seeds with exposed radicle and split mouth can reach 20%~0% of the total number of seeds.  The seeds can be inserted when they reach the germination intensity(plastic cell trays supplier). This method is applicable to conifer seeds such as pine, density has increased, larch and Chinese pine, and have a high yield.

(best thermoforming plastic seed trays factory taiwan)The mixed snow treatment is also called mixed snow burial(propagation tray). The seeds treated by this method are under low temperature conditions for a long time. Snow is used to ensure the moisture and low temperature required by the seeds, and the effect of budding is the best. Spreading with snow water can promote the development of the root system of crops(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), the plants grow luxuriantly, dry early, resist diseases and insect pests.

The seeds of Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica stratified with mixed snow have a higher germination rate than the stratified stratified with ordinary water(plug trays), and the seedlings grow faster and have better quality, strong resistance, and low winter mortality. Larch stratified with mixed snow The seed germination period is 7 days ahead of the normal water soaking and stratification (only 8 days), and the germination rate is increased by 11%(seed propagation trays).

There are three reasons why snow water has such a major effect on organisms(gallon nursery pots): First, the content of heavy water in snow water is higher than that of ordinary water 1/4 less. Because heavy water is a radioactive substance, it has a strong inhibitory effect on the life activities of various organisms(black plastic plant pots). Therefore, it exhibits greater biological activity. The ability of plants to absorb snow water is 2-6 times greater than that of tap water.(best thermoforming plastic seed trays factory taiwan)

The second is that the physical and chemical properties of snow water are different from that of general water(gallon plant pot). Because snow water has been frozen to exclude gas, its electrical conductivity has changed greatly, surface tension has increased, and the internal pressure and interaction energy of water molecules have increased significantly(seed starting trays supplier). The physiological properties of snow water are very close to those of biological cells.

(best thermoforming plastic seed trays factory taiwan)After entering the organism, it can stimulate the activity of enzymes and promote metabolism(square grow pots). The third is that snow water contains more nitrides, which is 5 times higher than rainwater, and higher than ordinary water. It can be said to be a kind of fertilizer water. Another example is that spruce and fir seeds are stratified by low temperature stratification for 1-2 months(nursery plant pots), and then buried in snow for 70 days, the effect is also very good.

and make it into the shape of small hills or house tubes. In order to prevent the snow from melting, the grass is covered with grass and has a thickness of about tens of centimeters(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). By 1-2 weeks before planting in the spring of the second year, remove the seeds and place them in a dry and warm place(seedling trays wholesale). After the snow melts, soak the seeds in snow water for 1-2 days, and then take out the seeds for high temperature germination.

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