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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic V10 Nursery Pots Brazil

All the coverings that affect the light and are not conducive to the growth of seedlings should be removed by stages(flat plastic tray). If the coverings are not removed in time, not only the seedlings will be affected to receive the light, but also the seedlings will grow from the grass cracks, which will make the dry base of the seedlings bend and grow weak(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). The weeding shall be carried out in 2-3 times.

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For the first time, 1 / 2 of the grass can be removed, and the grass can be moved between seedling rows to protect the environment and the seedlings(propagation tray). The rooting time of mulch film was 6 days earlier than that of open field. In the earlier dry areas, the seeds with a thickness of more than 2cm can not be covered(seed starter trays). Bottling and hidden grass are the important management work after sowing and before the seedling is unearthed.

(bulk buy cheap plastic v10 nursery pots brazil)Remove the remaining 1 / 2 for the second time(plug trays). The third full withdrawal. When removing the cover, pay attention to prevent damage to the seedlings. Covering benefits is a cost and labor-intensive process. Covering with grass can easily attract pests and reduce ground temperature. If the soil is thick or not covered, it will not affect seed germination(black plastic plant pots). For example, it can not be covered in areas with better water conditions.

But it should be covered in areas with early drying or inconvenient irrigation(gallon nursery pots). For example, small seeds, such as poplars and press trees, can be sown successfully without covering. The successful experience is to fill up the bottom water before sowing and spray water frequently after sowing(nursery plant pots). After sowing, irrigation has a direct impact on seed germination, field fixed germination rate, emergence time and the length of emergence period.

In order to make the seeds germinate quickly, sprout early and the germination rate of field circle is high(gallon plant pot), it is necessary to irrigate properly and timely in the earlier dry area to keep the soil moist. The sown land with mulch can not be irrigated, and the times of irrigation should be less(32 cell seed starting trays). When filling the bottle, it should be noted that the soil filling water should be appropriate, and too much water will make the seeds rotten.(bulk buy cheap plastic v10 nursery pots brazil)

Before the seedlings are unearthed, try to prevent the soil covering and hardening of the sowing row, otherwise the germination rate of the field fixation will be reduced(plastic grow pots). When the seed coat of conifer is unearthed, it is often eaten by the black ball, resulting in the death of seedlings(105 cell seed starting trays). When a large number of seedlings are excavated (60% ~ 70%), the mulch should be removed in time and by stages. 

(bulk buy cheap plastic v10 nursery pots brazil)When sowing small seeds, the number of times of irrigation may be reduced or not(cell trays). For irrigation, spray water with mist to prevent the covering soil from being washed away or the seedlings from being washed away. Do not cover the head with water when the sprouts are just unearthed(50 cell seed starting trays). When herbicide is not used before sowing, it should be sprayed or weeded manually in time after sowing on the sowing land with long emergence period.

The second is to save labor, which can reduce the cost of seedlings(square nursery pots); the third is that the amount of seeding, the depth of planting and the thickness of covering soil are relatively uniform, and the range of planting is the same; the fourth is that the processes such as trenching, sowing, covering soil and pressing can be completed once to prevent the loss of water in the sowing ditch(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). Covering thickness with humus is 1-1.5cm.

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