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High Quality Plastic Flower Pots For Sale Holland

With the increase of age, the seed yield increases gradually, and the seed bearing capacity at the middle age is the most(plastic plant pots bulk). For example, in Beijing area, for 20-30-year-old mother trees, the average yield per plant is 0.55kg = 40-60-year-old mother trees, 3.8kp: 80-100-year-old mother trees, 5.3ng(200 cell seed trays wholesale). Under the condition of normal growth and development, the seed bearing capacity of mother tree is very small at the beginning of seed setting.

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The growth and development of trees is the basis of their flowering and fruiting(72 cell plug trays). Trees with good growth, light and nutrition conditions have a large number of flowering and fruiting and good quality. For the same stand and the same age mother tree, the seed yield is related to the crown size(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). A well-developed and open canopy is conducive to photosynthesis and nutrient accumulation, thus promoting flowering and fruiting, and improving the yield and quality of forest seeds.

(high quality plastic flower pots for sale holland)The forest has sufficient light, high temperature(long life propagation trays), vigorous soil microbial activities, more mineral nutrients released from litter, good nutrition conditions of mother tree, large crown, so it has more seeds and good seed quality. Because of the change of environmental conditions, tree origin, growth and development conditions, the age at which the same tree species begins to bear fruit is different(10cm plastic plant pots). The female flowers often grow on the top of the crown or branches.

Male flowers grow in the middle and lower part of the crown(planting trays wholesale). Through artificial measures, such as careful land preparation, fertilizer application, weeding, intercropping green fertilizer and reasonable irrigation source, the soil fertility can be improved, so as to promote the growth and development of trees and improve the seed yield and quality(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). After the trees bloom, the transmission of pollen mainly depends on the wind and insects.(high quality plastic flower pots for sale holland)

It is difficult to pollinate because of the inconsistent opening period of male flowers(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). Some species such as Liriodendron, Robinia pseudoacacia, Paoyuan, etc. are bisexual flowers; some species are different from Daoxiong, such as ginkgo, eucommia, etc. Most of the trees are cross pollinated, which requires different plants to pollinate each other(1 gallon plant pots bulk). When entering the old age, the yield and quality of tree seeds decreased significantly.

(high quality plastic flower pots for sale holland)The length of the interval varies with species or environmental conditions(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). If the pollen grain is light, it is easy to be blown by the wind. Soil conditions have a great influence on the yield and quality of forest seeds. The isolated trees with different male plants are often not strong, or produce tumor grain, empty grain and other phenomena(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Canopy density has a direct impact on the light, temperature and the nutritional status of forest land.

After fertilization, they develop into viable seeds(plastic flower pots bulk). The monoecious and monoecious trees have sufficient light and nutrition area, and some of them have a large amount of seed bearing, but they are easy to form white flowers for pollination, and the seed quality is poor(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). If the proportion of male plants is too small or uneven, and the proportion of male flowers is small, the pollination effect and the quantity and quality of seed will be affected.

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