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Plastic V9 Nursery Pots Wholesale Suppliers Israel

For the convenience of management and clonal allocation, the seed garden should be divided into management area and allocation area(98 cell plug trays). The area of the large area is determined by the management degree and terrain, generally 3-10hm2(v13 plastic pots). The allocation area is divided according to the clonal allocation mode, clonal number, content and planting time, usually around 0.3-lh, and there are certain repetitions of clonal plants in the area.

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Sunny or semi sunny slopes should be selected in hilly areas(polystyrene plug plant trays). There should be a certain pollen isolation distance between the garden site and other stands of the same species. The arrangement between clones refers to the relative positions of clonal plants in each repetition in the configuration plot(105 cell plug flats). Strengthening the management of seed orchard is an important measure to promote the high and stable yield of seed orchard and improve the quality of seed.

(plastic v9 nursery pots wholesale suppliers israel)In general, the planting density of fast-growing trees, good site conditions(shallow germination trays), improved seed orchard and small amount of asexual coefficient is small, while that of slow-growing trees, poor site conditions, primary seed orchard and large number of clones is large. For the primary seed orchard, the aim of the design is to minimize the probability of full free mating and inbreeding between clones(128 cell trays). Try to avoid having fixed neighbors between clones.

The commonly used configuration methods are: repeated internal random configuration, grouping random configuration, sequential dislocation configuration, etc(black plastic plant pots wholesale). The quality and poverty of Kumu not only affect the survival rate of grafting, but also affect the life span of clonal plants(v14 plastic pots). The period of scion collection depends on the grafting method. Plant density depends on tree species characteristics, site conditions and seed country types.(plastic v9 nursery pots wholesale suppliers israel)

Pest control is an important measure to ensure the healthy growth and normal fruiting of mother trees(bulk pots). Compared with the mother forest, the intensive management of seed orchard requires higher and stricter level, and its main contents include soil increase management, tree management, pollen management, technical file management, etc(162 cell seed starting trays). By improving the physical and chemical properties of the soil, adjusting the root distribution and ensuring the nutrient supply, the seed yield can be effectively increased.

(plastic v9 nursery pots wholesale suppliers israel)The number of clones in seed orchard should be determined according to the scale of seed orchard, considering the reduction of inbreeding and thinning of primary seed orchard(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). There should be 50-100 clones in primary seed orchard for 10-30h, and 100-200 clones in primary seed orchard for more than 0hN, and 1 / 2-1 / 3 in improved seed orchard(200 cell trays). The number of families in seed orchard was more than that in clone orchard.

In order to improve the yield and quality of the cuttings, it is very important to cultivate the tree type of the mother tree(plastic planters). The effective distance of isolation is determined by the pollen transmission distance of each species, and the pollen transmission distance is determined by the pollen structure, terrain, main wind direction and wind speed during flowering and other factors(112 cell seed trays). Generally, it is better to have an isolation zone of more than 200-300m.

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