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Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Suppliers In Malaysia

When it comes to planting corn, the biggest problem for farmers' friends is lodging(plastic plant trays). It can be said that lodging is the biggest climatic obstacle restricting high yield of corn. In terms of varieties, it is recommended that dense-tolerant varieties have the potential for high yield(plastic plant pots). For example, in abnormal years, the yield of Jundan 20 is higher than that of Zhengdan 958. Signs of root lodging were easy to appear before tasseling.

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It can also improve the ability of lodging resistance(seed starter trays). The arrangement of the row spacing will also affect corn lodging. However, the stems of Jundan 20 are soft and easy to break, and the 335 stems have better toughness. Indirectly, the corn stalks are brittle and easy to break. Some farmers ’friends think that detasseling is not necessary(nursery tree pots). Only by grasping the above 7 points can we reduce or avoid lodging to the greatest extent and achieve stable and even high yield.

(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers in malaysia)In this way, the quality is excellent(72 cell trays). It is recommended to plant at an equal spacing of 50-60 cm, which is not only resistant to lodging, but also more conducive to high yield. Some farmers ’friends think that the 70 cm row spacing is more resistant. Lodging? This kind of situation is only due to the low planting density, which indicates the lodging resistance(large plastic terracotta pots). If the soil fertility is average and the amount of base fertilizer is small, the corn will grow weak and fall.

The similar situation of clofloxacin will affect the yield of corn(sprouting trays). The most important lodging is the break of the stem, which mainly occurs in the 3rd and 4th sections of the lower part. It is necessary to use the control Prosthetics stop chemical control, the use of acridamine, the best time to stop when the corn grows 5 to 6 leaves, reduce the persecution of aphids(128 cell trays), but some instructions for chemical control agents marked stop at about 8 to 10 leaves, it is a bit late.

It should be used in real time(large plastic flower pots). By the end of August, the lower part of the plant should be sprayed with 30% isocarbazone 1000 times to stop the stem rot from happening. Actually, Wrongly, one week after the end of male pollination, the tassel can be removed, which can not only improve the lighting conditions(72 cell plug trays), but also reduce the center of gravity and appropriately reduce wind resistance, and create a robust environment for plant growth.(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers in malaysia)

In my impression, it happens almost every year(square plastic pots). When the two herbicides, such as dimethyl tetrachloride and 2,4 --- D, are used in large amounts, it will cause the corn heart leaves to unfold smoothly and the aerial roots will be difficult to penetrate into the soil. Farmers friends, wind disasters occur almost every year, and large areas of corn lodging can be seen everywhere(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The daytime temperature in the shed needs to be reduced to 25 ° C to 28 ° C.

(plastic cell seedling trays suppliers in malaysia)Increasing the relative humidity of the air to 55% to 65% can inhibit the increase of soil EC value and ensure the healthy growth of plants(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). It is particularly reminded that the prevention of rose diseases and insect pests in spring greenhouses should be based on greenhouse management, pruning, and fertilization in early spring(6 cell seed trays). We spray new high-fat film to prevent disease and insect sources, improve the ability to resist natural disasters.

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