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From small to large, I like to eat my hometown's cold potato(3 gallon pots manufacturer). It tastes sweet and has a lot of water. Many people in my hometown can grow it. In the process of planting sweet potato, there are still some common diseases and insect pests(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). How can we control them? The growers who don't understand can have a look at the following!

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There are many pests that persecute the development of sweet potato, which are mainly divided into aboveground pests and underground pests(bulk 1.5 gallon pots). The main pests on the ground are Spodoptera litura, Spodoptera Brassica, Plutella xylostella, leafroller and so on. These pests persecute the leaves of sweet potato(greenhouse supplies pots). Usually, we can use chlorobenzamide suspension agent and acaronitrile to stop killing pests on the ground.

(cheap plastic v13 nursery pots suppliers uae)Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is a kind of fungal disease(bulk 4 gallon pots). The persecution of stem, base and whole plant of cold potato seedling is very big. When Sclerotinia occurs, the infected site will appear as water stains, and it is easy to cause sudden onset(wholesale greenhouse pots). Of course, the army and the disease will also occur in the mature sweet potato, causing the leaves of the sweet potato to show water stains, and eventually decay.

So for this kind of disease, we may be able to use the fungicide at the early stage of the disease(2 gallon plant pots distributor), or we may be able to stop the control of the fungicides, such as the suspension agent of isobacterin · carbendazim, and the bactericide. When sowing, virus disease is a kind of infectious disease caused by virus infection(plastic plant trays wholesale). They run through the whole development period of sweet potato.(cheap plastic v13 nursery pots suppliers uae)

First of all, we talk about aboveground pests. Its infectivity is very high(1 gallon plant pots distributor). If a disease strain is found, it should be pulled out and destroyed in real time, and the soil where the disease strain is located should be stopped from disinfection and cleaning(black plastic plant pots). The most serious persecution is in the seedling stage of cold potato. It is also the leaves of cold potato that are persecuted by virus disease. 

When the disease occurs, the leaves of cold potato will turn yellow(bulk 2 gallon containers). With the severity of the disease, all the plants will turn yellow, and finally the leaves will fall, and all the plants will die. Often go to the soil to dig and eat, will persecute the seeds of sweet potato. Can use the amine fresh ester water agent perhaps is the virus will gram and so on medicine to stop the treatment(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Anyway, the flower and fruit weaving is more like it. 

(cheap plastic v13 nursery pots suppliers uae)New environmental protection products, safe and reliable, non-toxic and harmless to human body(24 cell trays bulk). In the seedling stage, it is important to persecute the root or stem base of the seedlings; after the results, it will persecute the underground tubers of the cold potato; this has a great impact on the yield and quality of the cold potato(sureroot plug trays bulk). The important underground pests are grubs, termites, ground tigers, mole crickets and so on.

The fertilization method of cash tree will be shared with you here(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). I hope you can apply fertilizer scientifically according to the growth law of spraying fragrance. I don't know if you like to eat cold potatoes? If you have cold potatoes in your family(72 cell seed trays wholesale), you accidentally encounter some of the above diseases and insect pests, and you can learn from them some of the above prevention and control methods!

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