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Best Plastic 288 Cell Tray Manufacturers Canada

In addition, planting density and management level are closely related to plastic pruning(bulk buy plastic plant pots). The evacuated layered trunk is generally 60 ~ 70cm high, the number of main branches of the whole tree is generally 5 ~ 7, the three main branches of the first layer are adjacent or adjacent, 20 ~ 40cm apart, and the opening angle of the full branch is 60 ~ 70 degrees(200 cell plug trays supplier). There are 2 main branches in the second layer and 1 or 2 main branches in the third layer.

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Fruit trees plant a row of trees along the outer slope of the trench(4 inch plastic pots bulk). If you wait for trees to be planted after high height and wipe the trenches, the position of the fruit trees should be arranged at the front of the outer slope of the trenches, so as not to bury the soil through the root neck and affect the development of the fruit trees(cell seed trays). The distance between the trenches is equivalent to the row spacing of the fruit trees. The trenches are generally 50 ~ 70cm wide and about 30cm deep.

(best plastic 288 cell tray manufacturers canada)The distance between the first layer main branch and the second layer main branch layer is 100 ~ 120cm, and the distance between the second layer and the third layer main branch layer is 70 ~ 80cm(98 cell plug trays). Every spring combined with soil management, the silt in the ditch should also be rubbed on the trench for renovation(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). If the branch angle is small and it is too upright, you can increase the angle of the main branch Qianxiang: the angle of the main branch.

This tree is easy to form, with early results, good ventilation and light transmission, and can be used inside and outside(polystyrene plug plant trays). The structure is strong, the growth is strong, the fruit tree has a long life, and it is suitable for the production of apples and pears. The three main branches at the base each have 2 to 3 side branches, and the upper main branches each have 1 to 2 side branches(104 cell plug trays supplier). The tree height is about 4m and the crown diameter is about 5m.

Reshaping is done by pruning, and pruning is carried out on the basis of determining a certain tree structure, so plastic pruning is closely related to each other(shallow germination trays). Naturally open-hearted, there is no center trunk, the trunk height is 30 ~ 50cm, and 3 to 4 main branches are staggered at the tip of the trunk(15 gallon pots distributor). The result of pruning the tree growth and the performance of the result is the most objective answer to whether pruning is reasonable or not.(best plastic 288 cell tray manufacturers canada)

The angle between the main branch and the trunk is 50 ~ 60 degrees(black plastic plant pots wholesale). Each main branch extends straight outward, each main branch The branches are stratified with 3 to 4 lateral branches on the outside to make full use of the crown space(105 cell seed trays wholesale). At the same time, different types of fruiting branch groups were cultivated in different orientations of the main and side branches to increase the fruiting area, and the canopy was open-hearted.

(best plastic 288 cell tray manufacturers canada)The advantage of this tree shape is that the canopy is happy and the pruning reaction is an important basis for reasonable pruning(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). The crown height is 3 ~ 35m. Plastic surgery is based on the biological characteristics of different fruit trees, combined with local natural conditions and cultivation management techniques(3.54inch plastic plant pots), to make the fruit trees have a larger photosynthetic area, higher yield, and a high-yield tree structure that is easy to manage.

Attention should be paid to the angle of the main branch when shaping(bulk pots). After the main branch is selected, depending on the strength of the growth, it can be appropriately cut short, usually more short cuts, that is, cut around V3. This tree can be completed in the fourth year. Fruit trees have sufficient storage nutrients during the dormant period(32 cell seed trays wholesale). After pruning the ground, the branches and buds are reduced, and storage nutrients can be used in a concentrated manner.

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