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Cheapest Lavender Plug Trays Manufacturers USA

The disadvantage is that the wind penetration is poor and the cold air sinks easily(72 cell propagation trays). The configuration of pollinator tree The distance between pollinator tree and main species should not exceed 50 ~ 60m. The differential pollination varieties and the main varieties are planted according to 1: 2 ~ 4(long life propagation trays). For the plots used as orchards, the terrain should be measured first, and then the communities should be divided according to the terrain.

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The area of the community varies according to the natural conditions of the area where the orchard is located and the size of the orchard itself(200 cell seed starting trays). Jilin Province generally takes 1 to 2 hectares as a community. This kind of forest belt is composed of three different heights of canopy of large, medium and small to form a tree wall, so its ventilation ability is very small(nursery tray manufacturers). The main forest belt is best to use a mix of trees and shrubs.

(cheapest lavender plug trays manufacturers usa)Orchard shelterbelt can reduce wind damage, frost damage, frost damage, improve the community climate, etc(32 cell plug trays supplier). The orchard shelterbelt can be divided into wind-penetrated forest belt and impermeable forest belt. Impermeable forest belt The forest belt consists of tall or medium tree and shrub species(1.5 gallon nursery pots). The advantage is that the structure is compact, and the effect of adjusting temperature and humidity is obvious.

Ventilated forest belt The forest belt is composed of a layer of tall trees and a layer of shrubs, and also a layer of large trees(105 cell plug trays supplier). This kind of forest belt has a large protection range, good ventilation, and the sinking speed of cold air is slow, and the radiation frost is also light, and the snow cover is more uniform(3 gallon pots distributor). However, in some areas, reducing wind speed, increasing humidity, and maintaining water and soil are not as effective as impervious forest belts.

Contour measurement method: determine the baseline and select a representative slope surface(50 cell plug trays supplier), first measure a horizontal contour line in the middle of the slope, and then establish a baseline perpendicular to the contour line from uphill to downhill Then measure the contour lines of each row horizontally according to this stake(plastic flower pots bulk). hen, on the contour line, establish the planting point according to the determined plant spacing.(cheapest lavender plug trays manufacturers usa)

When measuring contour lines, a small pile is erected every time a point is measured, and connecting these small piles is the contour line(72 cell plant trays bulk). In order to make the contour line clear, you can plow out small grooves along the small pile with a plow. After the calibration contour is measured, the calibration must be repeated several times(5 gallon pots distributor). Especially in the case of complex terrain, it is easy to have excessively tortuous lines and contour lines.

(cheapest lavender plug trays manufacturers usa)In places where the line spacing is too large, add a short line appropriately, and reduce the line distance if it is too close(105 cell plant trays bulk). TFor the convenience of orchard management, the big bend must be implemented and the small bend straight. The measurement of contour lines is best to start from the highest stake(planting trays wholesale), measure the contour lines to both sides of the level, and then measure the contour lines from top to bottom.

Terraces are a kind of soil and water conservation measures that transform slopes into terraces(128 cell plant trays bulk). The advantage is that the slope is eliminated on the planting surface, the soil erosion is controlled, the operation is convenient, and the labor efficiency can be improved. The main parts of the terraces are the terrace walls and terraces(72 cell plug trays). The accessory parts are the lateral stalk and dorsal furrow. Plant trees in the middle and shrubs on both sides.

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