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Cheapest Plastic Garden Pots Wholesale Suppliers Mexico

The transplanting density (row spacing) depends on the growth rate of tree species(72 cell plant trays bulk), the climatic conditions and soil fertility of the seedling enclosure, the age of transplanting seedlings and the years of cultivation after transplanting. In addition, even if the same tree species is in the same environmental conditions, due to different operation methods(best microgreen trays), machines and tools used for seedling management, the plant row spacing is also different. 

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Generally, the transplanting plant spacing is 12-20-50 cm, the row spacing is 20-0 cm, conifers should be small, and broad-leaved trees should be large(105 cell plant trays bulk). For example, fast-growing school trees only need a few months, larch, Pinus tabulaeformis, Platycladus orientalis, Liushan and other seedlings and broadleaf seedlings are mostly one year(soil block propagation trays), while slow-growing seedlings such as spruce and Lengshan are generally cultivated for two years.

(cheapest plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers mexico)The seedlings that need to be transplanted shall be raised, graded, transported, trimmed and planted at any time(128 cell plant trays bulk). The seedlings that do not need to be planted at any time shall be stored properly. When the radicle grows, the epicotyl extends, the lateral root does not grow, and the seed shell does not fall off(greenhouse trays plastic), the growth point of the main root is cut off, and the shoots are transplanted to the seedbed or container for cultivation.

When the height of seedlings is up to 6-10cm, the transplanting can be started(162 cell plug trays supplier). In the same year, the transplanting can be carried out. For the broadleaf trees and some coniferous trees with fast growth, such as Larch and Platycladus, the transplanting can be carried out once a year(grass plug trays). For the trees with slow growth, such as Korean pine and fir, the transplanting can be carried out after 2-3 years of growth of spruce.(cheapest plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers mexico)

The purpose of classification is to transplant the seedlings of different specifications separately, to make the transplanted seedlings grow evenly(200 cell plant trays bulk), to reduce the phenomenon of seedling differentiation, and to facilitate the emergence and sale of seedlings. Before transplanting, we should do a good job in the division(90mm plastic grow pots), the operation should be carried out in the shed, location and marking of fixed land, and organize human and material resources. 

(cheapest plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers mexico)If the root system is too long or split, the length of the root system should be 12-15cm(32 cell plant trays bulk). If the root system is too long, it is easy to nest. If the root system is too short, the survival rate and growth of the seedlings will be reduced. As the seedlings for afforestation, they can be planted out of the circle once, while the spruce seedlings sometimes need to be transplanted twice(v16 nursery pots). Before transplanting, the seedlings must be classified.

For evergreen tree species, the lateral branches can be cut short to reduce water transpiration and improve the survival rate of seedlings(50 cell plant trays bulk). In order to prevent the root from drying in the process of grading and pruning, and the pruned seedlings should be immediately planted or planted in the shade and humid place(200 cell plug trays). In the process of transplantation, the root system must be kept wet and not exposed to the sun.(cheapest plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers mexico)

It is very important to prune the roots and branches before transplanting(50 cell seed trays wholesale). If they are big seedlings for afforestation in the city, the conifer and broad-leaved trees can be transplanted many times as needed. When the ditch planting method is transplanted, the ditch shall be opened according to the row spacing first, then the seedlings shall be moved in the ditch according to the plant spacing(10cm plastic grow pots), and the soil shall be compacted.

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