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Best Double Color Plastic Flower Pots Producer Brazil

The correct way is to use a scraper to scrape vertically from one side of the disc to the other side, so that each hole is filled with matrix, so that each cell is clearly visible(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Keep the medium moist, but avoid excessive humidity, and keep the temperature at 21 ~ 24 ℃(seed starter trays). In the rapid growth period of seedlings, the growth of Malachite seedlings should be prevented from high humidity. 

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The installed tray should be pressed to facilitate the seed sowing into the hole(plastic nursery pots wholesale). An empty tray should be placed on top of the tray, and both hands should be placed flat on the tray and pressed down to the required depth. The seeds should be placed in a well pressed tray, and one seed should be placed in the center of each hole(wholesale nursery pots). Therefore, the medium should be dried thoroughly between two watering.(best double color plastic flower pots producer brazil)

The process from selection to sowing and seedling raising is a professional and long process(plastic nursery pots). Therefore, there are generally two kinds of plug materials on the market: PS and PVC. PS material is not easy to deform at high temperature, but it is easy to be brittle when exposed to high temperature for a long time(wholesale greenhouse pots). The characteristic of PVC material is that it is relatively easy to deform when exposed to high temperature for a long time.

(best double color plastic flower pots producer brazil)Of course, the medium should not be too dry to cause the seedlings to wither(black plastic nursery pots). The temperature of medium and environment can be appropriately reduced to 18 ℃. 2-5 days after sowing, the seeds will be exposed. Seed germination does not need light, usually after sowing covered with a thin layer of medium, so that it can not only shade, but also keep the early stage of seedling moist(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). Finally, spread vermiculite.

In the later stage of this stage, the root system of the plant can grow to 3-5 cm, the seedling height is 3-4 cm, and 2-3 pairs of true leaves(plug trays wholesale). It took about 7 days from radicle exposure to cotyledons fully unfolding. Once the radicle is exposed, the temperature should be lowered and the medium should be slightly dried before watering to facilitate better germination and root growth(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). A small amount of fertilizer was applied in light.

The gram weight of normal disc is 15 g with 0.1 thickness, so the weight of 0.7 thick disc is about 105 g, and that of 1.0 thick disc is about 150 G(square nursery pots). Alternate fertilization every 5-10 days. If the medium temperature is lower than 18 ℃, the application of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer should be avoided(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). Therefore, there are many plug manufacturers, it is best to do a short ventilation in the afternoon to ensure air circulation.(best double color plastic flower pots producer brazil)

At the seedling stage, the root system has formed well(plastic grow pots). There are three pairs of true leaves, the temperature can be reduced to 15 ~ 17 ℃, but it is better not to be lower than 15 ℃. However, ammonium nitrogen fertilizer should be avoided(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). As in the second stage, the medium should be dried thoroughly between the secondary watering, and ventilation should be strengthened to prevent excessive growth.

(best double color plastic flower pots producer brazil)In order to raise seedlings, we should ensure sufficient water and take care of temperature and oxygen(flat plastic tray). Because the price of PS material is relatively high, so PVC plug is more common in the market! At present, and the thickness of general production ranges from 0.5 to 1.0. There are two specifications of the disc thickness, namely 0.7 thickness and 1.0 thickness(plant start trays wholesale). The seeds should be placed horizontally to avoid missing sowing.

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