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However, due to the windy storage season(40 cell plug trays supplier), rising temperature and large evaporation, spring ploughing should be carried out immediately after the thawing of seedling land in early spring. The distribution of the seedlings is shallow because of the root system(10cm plastic grow pots). The machines and tools of the middle plough are organically guided by the middle plough, the horse drawn standard hoe and the hoe.

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The medium tillage should be shallow: the seedlings are large, the root system is deep(104 cell plug trays supplier), and the medium tillage is straight deep. In general, the depth of medium ploughing in seedling stage is 2-4cm. With the seedlings growing up, the depth of medium ploughing should be deepened to 7-8 star meters(10.5cm plastic grow pots), then plough the stubble, and the depth of medium ploughing in ridge cultivation can reach more than 10cm.(bulk buy cheap plastic growing trays guatemala)

In places with dry climate(105 cell seed trays wholesale), less precipitation, more wind and insufficient soil moisture, in order to store water and protect the wall, the ground should be leveled immediately after the seedling starts in autumn, the handle should be deeply ploughed, the frozen water should be fully filled, and the bed sowing should be done in early spring(plant plastic trays). In areas with snow in winter, the land will not be ploughed in autumn, but will be targeted again in luochun.

After harvest, the crops shall be ploughed shallowly immediately(32 cell seed trays wholesale). When the seeds of special weeds are germinated, deep ploughing shall be carried out to make them fine and well watered, and then the targets shall be covered in spring. In the early dry area, after autumn ploughing, it is irrigated with frozen water, and then in spring, it will top the land(plastic nursery trade pots). First, some trees have special needs and absorptive capacity for some nutrient elements.

(bulk buy cheap plastic growing trays guatemala)Especially after autumn ploughing, the degree of soil filling pore vein is increased, the range of constant water is expanded(200 cell plug trays supplier), the ability of receiving rain and snow in autumn and winter is increased, and the waterlogging in autumn can be changed into spring wall. In the wasteland with luxuriant weeds(plant trays without holes), first cut the grass and press the green manure, cut off the grass root, and then plough the land after the weed seeds are in front. 

The crushing action breaks the soil block, compacts the loose soil layer and promotes the capillary action of the cultivation layer(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Continuous cropping is also called stubble. Whether the time target is timely or not has a great influence on the effect of land grabbing(v9 nursery pots). The depth of the medium tillage varies with the size of the seedlings, and the residual stubble of stones and grass roots shall be picked out.(bulk buy cheap plastic growing trays guatemala)

Before the rainy season(2 gallon nursery pots bulk), when there is no snow in winter, it is required to transfer the land immediately after ploughing, and when there is snow in winter, it can not be transferred. If the soil is too wet, the effect of the target land is not good immediately after ploughing. It should be targeted when it is possible to break the fort blocks(3.5 inch square plastic pots). Commonly used land handling machines and tools: nail harrow, disc handle, etc.

(bulk buy cheap plastic growing trays guatemala)The leveling shall be carried out under the following two conditions(3 gallon nursery pots bulk): first, after the big seedlings are raised, the ground is often uneven and difficult to cultivate, so the leveling shall be carried out before the cultivation; second, after the cultivation, the leveling of the whole cultivation area shall be carried out(72 cell trays), before and after the bed (ridge), the leveling of the operation area, the bed surface and the ridge surface shall be carried out.

It is easy to cause the lack of some nutrient elements and affect the growth of seedlings by cultivating seedlings of the same tree species on the same round ground for many years(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Spring ploughing is often used when the stubble is late or the labor cannot be allocated in autumn. For wasteland with few weeds, the seedlings can be raised in spring after autumn ploughing(72 cell trays bulk). It is to cultivate seedlings of the same tree species on the same solid land for years.

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