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On the contrary, the yield and quality of seedlings are very low(128 cell plug flats). As the samples are taken according to certain inspection procedures and procedures. Therefore, the samples are divided into initial samples, mixed samples, submitted samples and determination samples(12cm plastic grow pots). When sampling from different parts or containers of a seed batch, the seeds extracted each time are called an initial sample.

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The samples to be inspected for water content measurement shall be sealed in moisture-proof containers(rooting tray). The sample is a small part of the whole representative seed taken from the seed batch, which is tested by the quality of the work. Generally, the weight of the mixed sample shall not be less than 10 times of the submitted sample(120mm plastic grow pots). After sampling, the seeds submitted for inspection shall be marked according to the seed lot to prevent mixing.

(custom plastic plant pots manufacturers philippines)Forest seed inspection is to take a part of representative samples from a large number of seeds, and evaluate the quality of seeds through the inspection of samples(v15 nursery pots). According to the method and quantity of sample separation prescribed by the state, a part of the seeds taken from the mixed samples for inspection is called the sample for inspection(21 cell trays bulk). Take one sample from one batch and send it to the inspection station.

The sampling of seeds in containers can be done with a sample holder or by hand, and the number of samples shall be determined according to the number of containers(nursery tray). For the sampling of bulk seeds, 5 sampling points can be set in the center and four corners (a certain distance from the edge) of the top of the pile for a large number of bulk seeds in the warehouse or enclosure(32 cell trays bulk), and each point is sampled according to the upper.

Pour the seeds on a smooth tabletop or glass plate to make the seeds mix evenly, and then spread them into a square(germination tray price). Then divide the seeds into four triangles along the diagonal of the sub template, put the seeds of the top two triangles into the bottle for standby, take the seeds of the other two pairs of triangles and mix them(50 cell trays bulk), continue to separate them according to the previous method until the required quantity.(custom plastic plant pots manufacturers philippines)

If the weight difference does not exceed 5% of the average weight of the two parts, the sample separator is correct(72 cell plant tray). Before sample separation, the seed shall be divided into two parts with approximately equal weight by passing through the sample separator (commonly used bell curve sample separator). The samples to be inspected shall be packed in wooden boxes(98 cell trays bulk), cloth bags and other containers, middle and lower three layers.

If it exceeds 5%, the sample separator shall be adjusted(heavy duty plug trays). In the process of sample separation, first pass the seed through the sample separator three times to make the seed fully mixed, then start to separate the sample, take one part, and continue to separate until the seed is reduced to the required weight(105 cell trays bulk). All the first samples taken from one kind of batch are uniformly mixed together, which is called mixed sample.

(custom plastic plant pots manufacturers philippines)During processing, seeds whose wings are not easy to fall off shall be packed in hard containers such as wooden boxes to avoid the increase of inclusion proportion due to falling off of seeds(72 cell flats). The following methods can be selected according to the equipment conditions to take the test sample from the mixed sample or the test sample from the test sample(162 cell trays bulk). It can also be combined with seed selection, drying and storage.

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