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Heavy Duty Growing Trays Manufacturers In China

It is nearing November(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Due to the late sowing of wheat, it is difficult to achieve full seedlings, strong seedlings, and even seedlings in late-seeding wheat. In order to obtain high yield, proper fertilization is even more critical: late-seeding wheat emerges in 10 to 15 days to remove sprouting(succulent plant pots bulk). Usually apply 40-50 kg of urea per acre, plus 1 kg of harvest partner, and loosen the soil to reduce diseases and insect pests and promote leaf growth. 

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Late sowing wheat must be applied with bottom fertilizer, 300 kg of high-quality farm manure per acre(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and 30-40 kg of wheat-specific bottom fertilizer to meet the growth and development needs of wheat before and after winter. It is best to apply 2000 ~ 3000 kg of high-quality ring fertilizer per acre, and add 10-15 kg of urea at the same time, and evenly apply it to the wheat field to prevent wheat from being damaged by freezing(plastic nursery pots suppliers). This shortens the growth time before winter and the wheat seedlings are easily weakened. 

(heavy duty growing trays manufacturers in china)After the beginning of spring, in addition to applying 10 kg of high nitrogen(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale), phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer per acre, spray with 250 g per acre of nitrogen-based acid (6518) or humic acid foliar fertilizer (such as Nongdule). Do not over-fertilize and fertilize during flowering. Large pruning and plastic surgery is performed every winter and spring(propagation trays wholesale). If the pot is not turned over for many years, the pot soil will harden and poor drainage will seriously affect the tree vigor.

Keep the soil dry after watering, so that the roots can grow easily without the dryness or non-watering(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Apply 20 kg of urea and 5-10 kg of potassium fertilizer per acre. Other trace element fertilizers can be sprayed with foliar spray when combined with powdery rust fungus toxin and imidacloprid(black plastic growers pots). During the growing period, apply 100 ~ 150 ml of Nongdule organic active liquid fertilizer per acre to 50 kg of water and spray before 10 am or after 4 pm to increase yield.

(heavy duty growing trays manufacturers in china)Watering must be dry and wet, according to the principle of no watering, no watering(128 cell trays bulk). In the flowering and fruiting period, water the right amount to prevent it from being too dry or too wet. To apply fertilizer thinly and diligently, pick leaves in early summer and early autumn, and apply a slightly stronger fertilizer each time to promote new leaves and flower buds(ten gallon pot). Proper fertilization can be applied before germination and after fruiting to make the fruit huge and the plant robust.

As a result of increasing the supply of nitrogen and trace elements, late-seeding wheat will soon begin to use fertilizer(72 cell plug trays supplier). Cut off the diseased branches and dense branches at any time to maintain a certain tree shape. Every 1-2 years, the time should be in early spring(teku plastic nursery pots). When turning the pot, remove half of the old soil in time and replace it with loose and humus-rich cultivation soil, which can reduce the use of base fertilizer. It is important to change the pot.(heavy duty growing trays manufacturers in china)

The disease of Lycium barbarum mainly includes powdery mildew and black fruit disease, which can be controlled with Baume 0.3-0.5 stone sulfur mixture(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the early stages of the disease, carbendazim, bacteriocin, mancozeb and triazolone can be used alternately for prevention and treatment. You can use 90% crystal trichlorfon liquid, 50% phoxim EC, 40% omethoate, spray and other new insecticides and acaricides(black succulent pot). The main pests are aphids, psyllids, chigger mites and other food-eating leaves. 

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