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It can replace fern root and moss as the cultivation medium of epiphytes(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). Also known as sphagnum, it is a moss growing on the humid ground in alpine areas. It is distributed in plateau forest areas in Northeast and southwest China(32 cell seed tray). When used in culture soil, it is easy to break and compact, which makes the ventilation and drainage performance worse. It is best not to be used as a material for long-term potted plants.

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Ash after burning straw and weeds. Fern root and moss are used as potting materials, which can not only breathe, drain, but also moisturize. Tropical epiphytic shade loving flowers are usually planted with moss, and the effect is very good(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). Elegant cohesive culture soil, shake garden soil, rotten leaf soil and river sand(162 cell seed starting trays). When preparing culture soil, a certain amount of organic fertilizer should also be considered as base fertilizer. 

It refers to the root of Ziqi, which is dark brown and resistant to decay(32 cell seedling tray). It is an ideal material for cultivating tropical epiphytic orchids, Araceae flowers, pyracaceae flowers and other epiphytic flowers. There are many kinds of potted flowers, different places of origin, and different requirements for potted soil(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). According to the requirements of various flowers, the required materials shall be mixed and prepared in a certain proportion.

The diameter of the large is about Li meters and the diameter of the small is about Yuan Li meters(12cm nursery pot). When cultivating flowers that like air permeability, you can first lay some large ceramsite at the bottom of the flowerpot, then lay small ceramsite, and then put culture soil. In this way, the permeability can be enhanced and the cultivation effect is good(13cm plastic plant pots). If it is used as supporting matrix, larger particles should be selected(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). 

Sawdust is a good material for preparing culture soil(128 cell plug trays). After mixing with garden soil or other substrates, it is suitable for planting all kinds of potted flowers. Different types of culture soil can be selected according to the requirements of different flower types. When loading the basin, first pay attention to the basin selection(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). The size of the basin shall be commensurate with the flowers and plants, and shall not be too large. 

It is generally divided into large and small(50 cell propagation trays). The preparation of general potted flower conventional culture soil mainly includes apes, and its preparation proportion is: member pine culture soil, shaking garden soil, rotten leaf soil and river sand(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). Round donkey culture soil shake garden soil source, rotten leaf soil source and river sand source(seedling tray 104 holes). It has good physical properties and should be used as the cultivation substrate of epiphytic flowers. 

Generally, the fruit period is winter. Loose culture soil should be selected for general seedlings and succulent pulpy species, neutral culture soil should be selected for perennial roots and bulbous roots, and viscous culture soil should be selected for woody species and pile landscape(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). For perennial potted flowers, it is generally necessary to turn the pot once every member circle year, and replace the new culture soil(9cm flower pots). It is a good cultivation substrate for some orchids.

In summer, the materials for preparing culture soil are generally spread on the cement site and exposed to the sun for about days, that is, high temperature and ultraviolet rays are used to kill bacteria and pests to achieve the purpose of disinfection(12.5 cm plant pots). It can also be disinfected with formaldehyde or potassium permanganate(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). If old flowerpots are used, they should be scraped and cleaned before use to facilitate air and water permeability.

Gently lift the plant to stretch the root system, and gently press the culture soil around the root system to make the root system close to the soil(51 cell seed trays). However, it needs to be stacked for months and can only be used after the alkalinity is weakened(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). After accumulation and ripening, dry it in the sun for standby. Broken member edge - a round centimeter fragment, which is only used as filler and must be decomposed before use.

It is a particle of uniform size calcined from clay(72 cell plug trays). Continue to add culture soil until the basin mouth is cm round. The amount of base fertilizer should be determined according to the type of flowers and plant size. With the continuous growth of the plant, gradually replace the small basin with a large basin commensurate with the plant, and replace the new culture soil at the same time(288 cell plug tray). It can be used as base fertilizer or topdressing(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana).

Generally, the flowers that grow faster change their members in the second basin every year, and the flowers that grow slower change their members in the second basin every year(105 cell plug flats). The hanging plate method is shaking(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). First cover the drainage hole at the basin bottom with tiles, fill in about cm of coarse culture soil, and then add a layer of culture soil; Put in the plant, fill the culture soil around the root, and bury all the roots.

The amount of base fertilizer is Yuanxiang yingyu of basin soil, and the topdressing is Yuantong Xiang Yaoxiang aqueous solution(5 gallon pots). Only change the culture soil without changing the pot, so as to meet the nutrient needs of flower growth and development(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). Before changing or turning the basin, stop watering to make the basin soil slightly dry so that the plants can be poured out(2 gallon pots). Very loose, with strong water absorption and air permeability. 

In order to prevent the plant from growing on one side and damaging the plant shape, the pot should be turned regularly to make the plant symmetrical(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). Diammonium phosphate fertilizer can use the aqueous solution of Yuanxiang ~ Yuanxiang as topdressing, or the acid elephant of basin soil as base fertilizer(200 cell seed trays). Potassium fertilizer: mainly potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium hydride, etc., suitable for bulbous flowers.

Generally, in the period of vigorous growth, Yuantian is transferred to the Huan basin, and in the period of slow growth, apes are transferred to the secondary basin, and each time they are transferred to the basin(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). For potted flowers after potting, due to the limitation of soil capacity and specific growth environmental conditions, the principle of "less, diligent, skillful and precise" should be mastered in fertilization(72 cell propagation tray). Sphagnum is the best in white, followed by tea brown.

The base fertilizer shall be mixed with the culture soil one month before use. The materials for preparing culture soil must be disinfected before use to kill bacteria and pests. Plants tend to grow and have certain characteristics(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). The more light loving flowers, the greater the impact; The effect of growth period was greater than that of dormancy period(3 gallon pots); Fast growth has great influence, while slow growth has little influence.

Organic fertilizer should be used as base fertilizer after being decomposed, but it needs to be mixed in the culture soil months in advance to make the fertilizer fully integrate with the soil before application(50 cell plug trays). The rotten cake fertilizer can be used as both base fertilizer and topdressing(plastic propagation trays suppliers botswana). When topdressing, it can only be used after soaking and fermentation and then diluted(98 cell seed tray). The dilution concentration is quality image circle Yu.

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