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Look at the surface plants(50 cell trays bulk). When taking plastic pots and soils in the wild, you can look at the plants growing on the surface. The soils with pines and cedars are mostly acidic soils; the soils with millet and sorghum are mostly alkaline soils. By hand. Holding the acid soil by hand will have a very "soft" feeling. After releasing the hand, the soil will easily spread out and it will not easily agglomerate; while the alkaline soil will have a very "hard" feeling in the hand(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It is easy to form a piece after releasing your hand.

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(hemp seed propagation trays wholesale suppliers usa)Look at the soil color(72 cell trays bulk). The color of the acidic soil is generally darker, mostly dark brown, while the alkaline soil color is mostly white, yellow and other light colors. A layer of white powdery alkaline material often appears on the surface of saline soil. Look at the soil source. If the soil is humus soil collected from mountains and gullies(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), it is basically dark brown, and the soil is relatively loose, fertile and well permeable. It is an ideal acidic humus soil.

Use a pH test paper to measure(98 cell trays bulk). Specific steps: immerse a small part of the soil in cold water, then immerse a part of the pH test paper, and then take it out to observe the color change of the test paper. Compare the test paper with the color chart. If the pH value is 7, the soil is neutral; If the pH is <7, the soil is acidic; if the pH is >7, the soil is alkaline(hemp plant pot). Look at the soil texture. Acidic soils are generally loose in texture and relatively strong in gas permeability and water permeability.(hemp seed propagation trays wholesale suppliers usa)

The alkaline soil texture is generally very hard, it is very easy to form a block(105 cell trays bulk), and the air permeability and water permeability are also poor. Look at the situation after watering. After the acidic soil is watered, the water will ooze quickly, and the white water will not appear. The water surface appears to be relatively sloppy; after the alkaline soil is watered, the infiltration rate is very slow, the water surface is white foaming, foaming, sometimes plastic There is even a layer of white alkaline material around the pot(black plastic nursery pots). However, the air on the south side of the balcony is very easy to dry.

(hemp seed propagation trays wholesale suppliers usa)When the summer temperature is high(128 cell trays bulk), it is steamed and baked directly on the flowers on the balcony, which can easily damage the flowers and plants. Therefore, you should choose plants that are light, early, and high temperature resistant, such as stone jasmine, cactus, rose, chrysanthemum, zinnia, etc. If you can take certain shading measures on the balcony(plastic nursery pots wholesale), you can also choose to cultivate some Xiyin flowers. Plants that make you stand on the balcony can feel green and refreshing.

The north-facing balcony generally has little sunlight, and there is strong wind blowing in winter(162 cell trays bulk), which is not suitable for cultivating flower plants. However, there will be strong scattered light. After considering the warming of the temperature in the spring, plant the leaves of the bamboos such as the yin or the shade-resistant bamboo, and then move them indoors in the fall. The sun room and terrace that appear in the city make it possible to plant flowers indoors(plastic nursery pots). On a splendid day, the inside and outside of the house will be naturally connected.(hemp seed propagation trays wholesale suppliers usa)

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