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Plastic 2 Gallon Container Manufacturers In China

In mid-July, topdressing nitrogen, phosphorus(21 cell propagation trays wholesale), and potassium fertilizers per plant were mixed at a ratio of 400 to 500 g at 2: 4: 4 to promote fruit swelling and improve fruit quality. The fertilizer should be applied in dozens of holes (pits), and the holes (pits) should be no less than 15 cm deep(germination flats). The distance between the fertilization hole (pit) and the tree is 80-100cm. After fertilization, the soil is covered.

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If necessary, water is immediately applied to accelerate the dissolution of the fertilizer and promote the root system to absorb the fertilizer as soon as possible(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is necessary to cut off useless branches and dead branches at any time in summer. At the same time, the plastic pruning is not enough for the opening angle of some side branches(nursery plant trays). It must be pulled with a rope or supported with a wooden stick to make it reach the desired angle.

(plastic 2 gallon container manufacturers in china)Urea is used in combination with organic fertilizers, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers(32 cell propagation trays wholesale), and trace element fertilizers, and the application time is too late, which is not only unfavorable to the fertilizer effect, but may also cause crops to become greedy and late(plug tray nursery). Sprayed with a small molecular weight of urea, it is the most suitable fertilizer for foliar spraying. Carrying fertilizers with bare arms is bound to pollute the skin.

Select targeted pesticides in the occurrence period and use them according to the instructions(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). Peach heartworm can make the fruit lose its edible value and cause a significant reduction in yield. The occurrence of heartworms is related to the temperature and moisture at that time(plant germination trays). The occurrence and extermination time can refer to the rules of heartworms on apple trees and pear trees. Pesticides, phoxim, dichlorvos and other pesticides can be used for control. 

The plastic pruning of hawthorn is basically a comprehensive use of plastic pruning techniques of pear, apple, plum and peach trees(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the evacuation layer is used, it is roughly the same as the trimming method of apple trees and pear trees(plastic flower pots manufacturers). When using a multi-branched natural round head or natural happy shape, it is basically the same as the plum and peach tree trimming methods.(plastic 2 gallon container manufacturers in china)

Hawthorn tree trunk is weak, the central stem is easy to tilt, dry, or crown. Protect the young trees well(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). Once the central stem is weak or slightly dry for more than 10 years, the extension of the central stem is used to adjust it. When the center trunk is severely deviated and difficult to cultivate, it should follow its natural growth, remove the center trunk, and change to a natural happy shape(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). The whole tree has 3 to 4 main side branches.

(plastic 2 gallon container manufacturers in china)Tree pruning method(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). Hawthorn trees are not properly trimmed, which can easily cause the result site to move up. Every year, ploughing and vacant space should be plowed. When regenerating those branches that have fallen for many years, they should be retreated in 3 to 5 years(shallow germination trays). Therefore, spider mites mainly harm young shoots, young leaves and flower buds. Repeat cutting during the flower bud stage to thin out the flower buds on some weaker branches. 

The tree shape at this time is exactly the same as the peach tree and plums(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). In old years, it is necessary to thin out the mother branches, so that the ratio of the resulting mother branches to the developing branches is kept at the lowest point of 1: 1 (or 2: 1). When the canopy is severely closed, some large branches should be thinned or retracted(plastic flower pots wholesale), and some developmental branches should be cut to make the whole tree airy and transparent.

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