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Plastic Pots For Growing Marijuana For Sale USA

The most suitable planting time is from October to December every year(5 gallon nursery pots). When planting, avoid the weather above 30 °C and below 10 °C. It is best to choose a cool weather. The seedlings after disinfection and drying are placed at the planting point, and the seedling trays are planted with hand-drilled piles (plant spacing 3.5cm×3.5cm) to ensure that 2 to 3 gas roots are implanted in the seedlings, and the setting process is not to be squeezed(growing trays). After the planting, the roots of the golden lotus roots are planted with a thick water gun to pour the root water, and it is advisable to drip the water at the bottom of the seedling tray.

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(plastic pots for growing marijuana for sale usa)It is preferred to use the south slope. Note that the water spray can not be used with thick spots(spill trays). It is best to use electric spray. The watch can be wet. The substrate should be checked every day. The water holding capacity should be 80%. It should be squeezed into a group and loosened. . In the initial stage of planting, when the water is not sprayed, the plastic film is used to help maintain the relative temperature of the air by 80% to 90%. It is better to pull the film cover to the surface of the crucible(plastic grow pots). When spraying water, pull the plastic film to the top of the arch shed to occupy 1/3 of the curved surface. Then keep it ventilated and breathable.

It is best to use rainwater or mountain spring water(1 gallon plant pot). The culture environment temperature is kept below 30 °C. The sunlight is directly exposed to the land for a long time. The shade net is used for shading 2m above the ground. It takes 5 to 10 days for the golden lotus to grow from the initial seedling tray to the new root, and it is slower in the winter. Therefore, it should be stimulated by the cytokinin, the cytokinin, 5,000 times solution spray, etc(greenhouse pots). The agent (roots) 500 times solution is fully penetrated to avoid damage to the leaves.

(plastic pots for growing marijuana for sale usa)Keep away from pollution sources, organic fertilizers such as fulvic acid and amino acids can be sprayed with water(large planters for trees), or sprayed with 1000 times of water-soluble seaweed essence with high purity, usually once every 7 to 10 days. Water and fertilizer management and pest control are reasonably staggered. The most common ones are root rot, stem-based rot, downy mildew, and disease(large nursery pots). There are also pests: nematodes, meat worms, mites, cockroaches, green worms, black worms, red spiders, dragonflies, snails, etc.

Spray once every 10 to 15 days, and use the medicine alternately(15 gallon nursery pots). The insect pests were 1500 times with 10% imidacloprid, the aphids were 4,000 times with 5% avermectin, and the snails were applied with lentil tetraacetal snail granules. In order to make the meaty taste of A. chinensis better, we will use some organic calcium-calcium and high-potassium water-soluble fertilizers such as Vital Calcium, Magnesium Calcium(seed starter trays), Pioneer No. 1, Shido Le, etc. 2 to 3 times, so that the output is high and the taste is good.(plastic pots for growing marijuana for sale usa)

And drying yield is higher, should determine whether water is needed according to soil and air humidity(black plastic plant pots). Every day, the seedling trays are patrolled to pick up the dead plants in time, and they are cleaned up and destroyed to avoid repeated infection. The fertilizer cultivated under the golden lotus forest is mainly foliar fertilizer, and the related drugs are dispensed according to the field planting shed. Anti-disease easy to protect 1500 times + silver method 800 times or nail cream · carbendazim 3000 times or fine nails(square nursery pots), white bacteria clear 1000 times + phlegm 1000 times or Ami 2,000 times liquid.

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