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Square 3 Inch Plastic Nursery Pots Bulk Buy

However, rotting soil dug in the field can not be used directly (this is not absolute(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots), of course, but it can also be used directly by Huayou). First of all, if there are conditions for Huayou, it is better not to use it directly, because direct use is easy to breed small flying insects, and there are some bacteria, which is not conducive to it Flowers and plants grow, so we need to deal with them(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). It's not hard to make rotten leaf soil. 

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Flower friends should know whether they want to make rotten leaf soil from fresh leaves or from rotten leaf soil dug from the mountain(plant growing containers). There are no other messy impurities. Some flower friends pursue speed and quantity. Rotten leaf soil contains some rough leaves or roots of weeds. These should be cleaned up and rotten roots should be thrown away(162 cell seed starting trays). Big ones Thick leaves can be cut with a knife and then used.(square 3 inch plastic nursery pots bulk buy)

When you use rose and other plants, you should pay more attention to sterilization, and sprinkle carbendazim into the rotten leaf soil(soil block trays). You can weigh the amount by yourself. Sterilization is not enough, because there are some eggs or other small insects in the rotten leaf soil that cannot be detected by the naked eye. This step is also very necessary(200 cell seed starting trays). You can mix some common insecticides into the rotten leaf soil, then put them in plastic bags, and cover them for several months.

(square 3 inch plastic nursery pots bulk buy)But for flower lovers who like to be careless, they can use it directly without treatment(cheap garden plant pots). Only from a scientific point of view, the treated rotten leaf soil is more suitable for balcony people. It can be irrigated in the morning and evening when the temperature is low, and attention shall be paid not to flood irrigation(15 cell trays bulk), which is easy to cause root rot of celery, and timely drainage and irrigation shall be carried out in rainy season.

In fact, Huayou all know the benefits of rotting soil(14 inch flower pot). Especially for the cultivation of orchids, because the conditions of the rotten leaf soil dug are different, some of the flower friends are more careful when digging, they are all the rotten leaf soil with fine leaves, and the pests and diseases of celery are less, otherwise, the pests in the soil should not bite the root system when celery is in the seedling stage(21 cell trays bulk), so the soil should be killed first when raising and planting.(square 3 inch plastic nursery pots bulk buy)

Walking, screening, sterilization and disinfection are necessary for flower lovers(big garden plant pots). No matter what kind of flower it is, it can perform well. At this time, the basin soil is too wet, which is easy to cause root rot. if the basin soil is slightly dry, even if the leaves wither, new leaves will be sent out again in spring when it warms up(32 cell trays bulk). When celery is in a prosperous period, it can control the spot blight, spot disease and aphid with fungicide and insecticide in time.

(square 3 inch plastic nursery pots bulk buy)Therefore, it should also be said that the bamboo taro is a tropical plant(polystyrene plant trays), and it is very difficult for the northern flower friends to keep it in good condition when they are maintaining it, because the humidity can not meet the requirements. If there is no heating in the room in winter, and the temperature will be lower than 18 ℃, it is difficult to winter(50 cell trays bulk). In addition to heat preservation, watering should be strictly controlled.

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