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Best Hydroponic Microgreen Trays Wholesale Price

Many people are unfamiliar with gendarin, but in the countryside, this vegetable is more common(1 gallon plant pots). Its vitality is very strong, you can continue to harvest without much management, plant a little on the balcony, green, and the roots and vegetables can grow leaves and stems, and it is delicious(gallon pot). The following editor will introduce how to grow Genda vegetables on the balcony.

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For the container, we can choose a larger foam box, which can be several kinds(half gallon nursery pots). There is no excessive requirement on soil for edible root vegetables, ordinary garden soil is sufficient. In order to make the soil fertile, some special fertilizers for vegetables and fruits can be mixed with microbial bacteria(162 cell plug trays supplier). The suitable temperature for germination of Gentiana is 20-25 ℃. If the temperature is low, we must first carry out germination treatment.

(best hydroponic microgreen trays wholesale price)The planting distance is 20-30cm(germination tray). Genda vegetables are fertilizer-tolerant, but family planting does not require too much fertilization. Apply a special fertilizer for vegetables, fruits and microorganisms. You don't need to water much, and it will grow better to keep the soil moist. Seedlings can be harvested 40 to 50 days after sowing(128 cell plant trays bulk). Large plants are peeled off and harvested about 40 days after planting.

When there are 6 to 7 large leaves, 2 to 3 large leaves in the outer layer are harvested, and the inner leaves continue to grow(plastic pots for plants online). Generally, they are harvested every 10 days or so. Harvesting should be carried out after the dew has dried, and it must be harvested gently to avoid rainy harvesting(105 cell plant trays bulk). After picking in the late stage, soak seeds in warm water for about 2 hours, and then sow. The above is the cultivation technology of Gendarae.

However, if it is planted indoors and the temperature is suitable, it can be planted in winter(5 gallon plastic pots). You need to know that Genda vegetables are heat-resistant and cold-resistant. There is no need to control them. Genda vegetables can continuously peel and grow(72 cell plant trays bulk). The more they grow, the stronger they grow. The pots can be eaten for a long time. Interested friends can plant one.(best hydroponic microgreen trays wholesale price)

There are two main reasons for the root injury of overwintering vegetables: First, some vegetable fertilizers are unreasonable(plant pots manufacturers), and excessive use of one-time or incompletely decomposed manure caused root burning of vegetables. At this time, watering should be carried out as soon as possible, and microorganisms should be applied Bactericide-leaven blue(50 cell plug trays supplier). The second is that too much watering at low temperature caused the roots of the hoe.

(best hydroponic microgreen trays wholesale price)At this time, ventilation should be strengthened(propagation containers), and combined with cultivating loose soil, to improve the permeability of the soil, it can promote the early root development of vegetables. While promoting root growth, leaf cultivation is an important measure to accelerate plant recovery(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the root of a vegetable is injured, its ability to absorb nutrients is weakened, and the plant is prone to symptoms of iron and zinc deficiency.

Conducive to seed germination(cheap plastic plant pots). Gendarina grows very vigorously in summer. In addition, for particularly injured plants, rooting agents and cytokinins are irrigated. Spray 2-3 times with foliar fertilizer containing zinc and iron, or spray cytokinin mixed nucleotide foliar fertilizer(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition, we must pay attention to the prevention and treatment of leaf diseases.(best hydroponic microgreen trays wholesale price)

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