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Wholesale Cheap Nursery Pots Not Black

Due to the lush foliage and evergreen seasons, gardenia is a kind of flower plant that is very suitable for family potting(40 cell trays bulk). It is a flower that blooms in spring and summer. The clean and fragrant flowers can give people a pleasant enjoyment. However, if you want to plant the gardenia pots, you need to do the soil work first(plastic nursery pots). The soft and breathable water permeability of the soil is very important, and it is often the premise that affects the growth of the plant.(wholesale cheap nursery pots not black)

The soil acidity and alkalinity is not suitable, which will bring us great inconvenience and loss in the later maintenance management process(12 cell trays bulk). The potted soil can be mixed with humus soil and peat soil, and a small amount of river sand can be mixed, which ensures that the soil is fertile and permeable(plug trays wholesale). However, if the potting soil is unreasonably formulated and the soil is too viscous, the permeability will be affected, which will affect the normal breathing of the roots of the plants.

(wholesale cheap nursery pots not black)For gardenia, if there is water in the basin due to improper watering or the basin is too moist(40 cell tray in bulk), it will have disastrous consequences for potted gardenia. Therefore, the soil is essential for the gardenia to maintain normal growth. It is not only necessary to prepare high-quality culture soil when transplanting seedlings, but it is not sloppy if you change the pots(plastic nursery pots wholesale). So, when does the potted gardenia change the soil?

Especially when the gardenia seedlings are planted in the upper pot, usually the crown length is 2-3 times of the diameter of the pot(18 cell trays bulk), but when the growth height reaches about 28 cm, we need to change the pot for the soil. Moreover, Gardenia is not very picky about the time of the flower pot, except that usually in the growing season, it is often possible to change the soil(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). However, spring March is often the peak season for gardenia, so it is more suitable for soil replacement.

(wholesale cheap nursery pots not black)It is not only the transplanting of small seedlings on the pot, but also the cultivation of the plants after a long period of time(51 cell trays bulk). Because with the continuous growth of the plants, the nutrients in the potting soil will be gradually consumed, and the soil will also have different degrees of compaction. Therefore, the water and fertilizer applied is difficult to penetrate into the soil and is less likely to be taken by the roots of the plants(wholesale nursery pots). Therefore, in this case, the problem can often be solved by changing the soil.

The new potting soil can be mixed with humus soil and peat soil as the main substrate(36 cell trays bulk), and another high-quality soil replacement scheme is recommended for everyone: humus soil, vegetable garden soil, decomposed soybean meal, river sand And then configured in a 4:4:1:1 ratio. The potting soil thus prepared is not only soft and breathable, but also has good water-permeable and water-retaining effects(black plastic nursery pots), and is also very suitable for plant growth of gardenia in an acidic soil environment.

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