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15 Gallon Plastic Pots Wholesale Suppliers UK

I used to pick it in the mountains when I was young(seedling trays). Wild vegetable cultivation prospects are very good, because people are pursuing a green diet, avoiding big fish and meat(agriculture perlite). Bracken has a wide range of adaptability, likes a humid and cool climate, is not sensitive to light, is shade-tolerant, has strict requirements for moisture, and is not resistant to drought. 

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Neutral or slightly acid soils with rich organic matter, deep soil layers, good drainage, and high vegetation coverage are required(24 cell seed trays). Artificial planting of bracken can be carried out in open fields, small plastic arch sheds, plastic greenhouses, high-efficiency sunlight energy-saving greenhouses, and heating greenhouses(3 gallon plant pots). The fern is distributed in most rural areas in China. After cutting, you can plant.(15 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers uk)

Different production methods can be selected according to different needs(spill trays wholesale). If marketed in the form of fresh vegetables, you can choose to produce in high-efficiency sunlight energy-saving greenhouses and heating greenhouses, this method has high economic benefits(25 gallon nursery pots wholesale). For the purpose of earning foreign exchange in batches, this method has low production costs and is suitable for scale development.

After the above-ground part of the fern is dead after autumn or after the ground thaws in spring, the fern roots are excavated(4 cell seed starting trays). Digging rhizomes with a diameter of 0.5 to 0.8 cm and an internode length of 8 to 20 cm. After digging, bury it with soil to avoid water loss, so as to survive(10 gallon plant pots). After mining, choose thick, disease-free and wound-free rhizomes, cut each section into sections, and each section is 8 ~ 10cm in length.

(15 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers uk)How is the fern grow(6 cell seed starter trays)? In early July to early August in the northern region, when the cysts in the leaf margin are yellow-brown, the spores should be harvested in time when the leaves are shaken and dropped. When collecting the whole leaf of the spore-containing leaf, cut it small, place it on clean white paper or in a clean culture vessel, and place it in a cool and ventilated place. 

After about 1 week, when the spores completely fall off, remove the leaf fragments and debris(plastic grow trays), Collect the scattered spores and put them into a dry ground mouth bottle. Set aside in a cool, dry place(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The spores collected in that year were sown that year, and the germination rate was above 90%(7 gallon plant pots). Dry and sterilize in the sun first, then sieve with a fine sieve. 

Spores are bred in impotence, greenhouses or greenhouses in spring from February to March(12 cell seed trays). Spores sown in spring can grow into vegetative plants that year, and can enter the initial harvesting period the following year. It can also be sown in autumn from August to September(1 gallon pots). The spores are best planted in the soil of the wild fern growing area, or the acidic humus soil or peat soil can be used.(15 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers uk)

In order to prevent germs and green algae(nursery pots wholesale), the soil can be sterilized with 0.1% ~ 0.2% of Fumex Shuang or soil bacteria nitrate, and then filled in a ventilated and leak-proof seed bed, about 8-10 cm thick, to make the soil wet Above 95%, pH value is 6 ~ 6.5(2 gallon plant pots). The mature spores collected in the fall of last year were treated with gibberellin at a concentration of 300 mg / liter for 15 minutes to promote spore germination.

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