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The cactus is easier to maintain as a whole(propagation tray). For the novice, the cause of death is often that the water is poured over a long period of time, and it is rotten. It summarizes the experience of curing his cactus. PS: Some southern flower friends, the temperature in winter is still a dozen or twenty degrees Celsius, cactus generally does not go to sleep, will continue to grow, but also pay attention to water control(flat plastic tray). I have spent more than 20 years specializing in raising flowers for about 7 years, and I have a little experience.(bulk buy plastic cell plug trays cheap qatar)

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Introduced to everyone here, due to regional climate differences, only for reference(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), inadequacies do not spray, welcome to exchange axe. My nursery is located in the southeastern part of Anhui Province, on the south bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate. The climate is characterized by sufficient sunshine, abundant rainfall, and four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 15-16 degrees Celsius, and the sunshine hours are about 2000 hours(plastic grow pots). The hottest is from July to August, the average temperature is over 28 °C, and the extreme maximum temperature is close to 40 °C.

The coldest month is January, the monthly average temperature is only 3 °C(gallon plant pot), and there has been an extreme minimum temperature of -10 °C. The rainfall is large, the annual rainfall is 1200 mm, but the distribution is uneven, mainly concentrated in the spring, plum rain season and early winter. In January, the cactus sleeps and the life process is minimized, and the temperature is relatively low. Therefore, we need to monitor the temperature, whether it is at home or in the greenhouse, and keep it above 0 degrees(greenhouse supplies pots). Do not water easily, especially friends who do not have a greenhouse, and take care to avoid freezing damage.

(bulk buy plastic cell plug trays cheap qatar)Because there are greenhouses, Jiaoli genus, and mastoid genus flowering in this season, continuous sunny days(cell trays), watering in the morning, but be careful, do not need to be poured, ready to flower more watering, do not sleep or do not pour. It is important to note that on sunny days, the greenhouse should be ventilated to avoid overheating or burning of greenhouse plants. In March, the temperature began to level off, the amount of watering began to increase(square nursery pots), and the basin could be turned over. Most of the immortals have not recovered, paying attention to sunburn.

Some areas may consider pulling up the sunscreen(gallon nursery pots). Before and after the Qingming in April, most of the prickly pears began to grow, but don't forget the possibility of sunburning cactus. Now we can water the cactus normally in the sunny days. Insects are also active this season and can be used to prevent pests. It can also be planted and transplanted in April(wholesale greenhouse pots). The temperature began to climb in May, and the cactus grows like crazy, so be sure to take a photo.(bulk buy plastic cell plug trays cheap qatar)

Some seeds begin to mature, I pick ripe flower seeds, sell them or sow them(black plastic plant pots). This season's temperature grafting is also excellent. In June, the local area began to enter the rainy season in the middle of June. The continuous rain, high humidity and rare sunshine are the most unfavorable seasons for the prickly pear in the year. Be careful in management, don't water, so The weather is difficult to dry after watering(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and it is extremely easy to cause the celestial decay or length.

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