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Tiger Piran, the tiger-tail orchid, is named after the yellow or white horizontal stripes on the leaves(propagation tray). Tiger Piran is a kind of desert plant. It is like drought and dampness. Watering can't be too diligent or too wet. It will be different in different seasons and growing seasons. In winter dormancy, special attention should be paid to controlling watering(plastic plant trays wholesale). Keep the soil of the tiger Piran dry, watering can not be poured into the leaf clusters, and avoid water accumulation, so as not to cause decay.

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(bulk buy cheap plastic nursery pots alberta)So, do you know that Tiger Piran has poured water for a long time and poured it once in a few days(cell trays)? Introduce several ways to determine whether Tiger Piran needs watering: In short, listen to the basin sound: use the finger to move the basin wall, the sound is crisp. dry. The sound is dull and the soil is wet; the weight of the pot: the pot has no heavy feeling, and the pot is dry. There is a heavy feeling that the soil is wet(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Look at the shape: the leaves are light and light, the touch is soft, and even the leaves are separated to the surroundings.

The plant type is beautiful and generous(plug trays). The following can be based on the size and texture of the flower pot of the tiger skin, the length of time and the degree of illumination of the tiger skin, the size of the wind at the location, the water retention of the soil, etc. . Tiger Piran's water requirements are also quite high(large plastic terracotta pots). Generally speaking, if the soil is loose, it needs to be watered twice a week. In winter, because of the climate, it only needs to be done once.

(bulk buy cheap plastic nursery pots alberta)The autumn and winter seasons are completely dry to be watered(gallon nursery pots). The principle of watering is to dry and not wet, not to water in rainy days, to break water in 5 degrees in winter, and to pour the soil for a few days and then to water. The daily use of water can clean the leaves. Keeping the plants beautiful also makes the plants grow better. Tiger Piran should be properly watered and not too wet. Tiger Piran is a desert plant that can withstand harsh and prolonged drought conditions(nursery plant pots). Watering is too diligent, leaves become white, and the color of the markings becomes lighter.

In the winter dormancy period, watering should be controlled to keep the soil dry(gallon plant pot). Watering should be avoided by pouring into the leaf clusters. Avoid water accumulation, so as to avoid rot and fall below the leaves. Matters needing attention: watering should be appropriate, master the principle of not wet. Rinse the leaf dust with water to keep the blades clean and bright. When germination of new plants at the root neck in spring, water should be properly watered to keep the soil moist(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In the hot season in summer, the soil should be kept moist.

(bulk buy cheap plastic nursery pots alberta)It grows vigorously from spring to autumn and should be fully watered(black plastic plant pots). The amount of water should be controlled after the end of autumn, and the potting soil should be relatively dry to enhance the cold resistance. Keep the pots moist in the spring and summer, but there is no water. In different climates in different places, no one can be sure to water the tiger skin for a few days. In short, the tiger skin is watered when it is watered, and water cannot be accumulated(square grow pots). On the contrary, the leaves are fresh, the leaves are strong and shiny, and the water is wet.

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