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Cheap Plant Grower Pots Wholesale Suppliers Vietnam

Money string, if it has always been alive and well, it is really good to see, so I don’t want to see it(black plastic plant pots). Let’s see how the leaves are yellow and yellow. How is it? The meat is cute, but the temper is also very strange. When you do, you must not touch its sensitive nerves and not tilt(square nursery pots). If you are watering too much, the roots of the string are living in the heat every day, and they are already swollen, and the phenomenon of yellowing is reasonable.(cheap plant grower pots wholesale suppliers vietnam)

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Solution: Stop the water immediately when the water is too much(gallon plant pot). Check the condition of the potting soil. If there is any water, pour it out in time, put it in a well-ventilated place, and let the potting soil dry as soon as possible. To correct. Water shortage, causing soil compaction, the surface of the potting soil is cracked. It can only be said that your heart is really big, the meat is like this, and it is still indifferent, and it has not been watered for too long(seed starter trays). The money string is just a little yellow, and it’s already worthy of you.

For soil with severe compaction, if it is not restored after watering, it is recommended to change the soil(gallon nursery pots). The meat friends are always afraid of the meat and meat, and fertilize them at three days. You must know that the meat is not the fertilizer to eat. This kind of fertilization method does not eat. Solution: Watering, if you think that there is not much excessive fertilization, then water the water, let the water flow out from the bottom of the basin as much as possible, and dilute the fertilizer(wholesale greenhouse pots); if fertilization is more, it is recommended to change the soil directly.

(cheap plant grower pots wholesale suppliers vietnam)Insufficient fertilization, long-term fertilization, the new leaves of the string will be obviously dull and gradually yellow(plug trays). If it has not been fertilized in time, the yellowing phenomenon will gradually spread, resulting in yellow leaves throughout the plant. Solution: Replenish nutrients in time, but do not apply too much fertilizer at one time to avoid causing damage. The current plants are all flowers in the greenhouse(greenhouse supplies pots), and the nutrients in the soil will change greatly in a certain period of time, such as trace element iron.

Solution: Irrigation of ferrous sulfate solution to supplement the iron in the soil(cell trays). What should I do if the money string grows up? It doesn't matter if you grow up, you can correct it in time. Righting up: In order to avoid the money string in the growth process because of the top-heavy, the center of gravity is unbalanced and fall, causing the root to break and die. In the process of growing, the roots are reinforced with sand and soil in time(plastic grow pots), and some small decorations can be added on one side to play the role of preparation.(cheap plant grower pots wholesale suppliers vietnam)

Uniform light: After the blade is straightened, the flower pot is moved to a sunny place on the balcony(propagation tray), and the direction of the flower pot is turned in time to make the plant receive light evenly. For plants that have been skewed, they can focus on the light on the weaker side of the growth. After a period of time, the plants will slowly recover and grow healthily. The method of dealing with the yellowing of the leaves of the money is introduced here(flat plastic tray). The money string is still better to look good. If you are long, you should pay attention.

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