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PP Round Nursery Pots Wholesale Supplier Qatar

The outside temperature is high, and the film mulching is a common technique for greenhouse vegetable production(cell trays). It is removed in time and covered with plastic film. It can not only improve the ground temperature, reduce the evaporation of soil moisture, prevent the floor panel, but also reduce the air humidity in the shed and reduce the disease. The occurrence and spread of vegetables is conducive to the growth and development of vegetables(greenhouse supplies pots). However, if the mulch is used improperly, it will easily play the opposite role and affect the growth of vegetables.

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(pp round nursery pots wholesale supplier qatar)According to the degree of burn(propagation tray), it can be sprayed with a drug containing components such as brassinolide and gibberellin to regulate plant growth, strengthen fertilizer and water management, strengthen plant roots, and make plants recover quickly. If the seedlings are small, after heat damage, in order to prevent stem rot and other diseases, some protective fungicides can be used for spraying(plastic grow pots). Plant damage is more serious, and new plants are planted to reduce losses.

White mulch film: light transmission, rapid rise in ground temperature(gallon nursery pots), spring and summer if the uneven surface of the transplanted seedlings are easy to burn, easy to produce weeds, the use is more common, we must do pre-emergence weeding. Black mulch film: opaque, slow ground temperature rise, grass pressing, mainly used for vegetable cultivation in low-wet fields and easy weeds(square nursery pots). Silver gray two-color film: opaque, grass pressing, aphid, whitefly, etc. have a deportation effect, but low temperature rise slowly, mainly used in the cultivation of solanaceous and melon vegetables.

(pp round nursery pots wholesale supplier qatar)At present, the film on the market mainly includes white mulch film, black mulch film and two-color film(grow bag supplier). When many vegetable farmers cover the mulch film, they cover the mulch directly. The mulch film is pressed close to the ground after numerous steps, and the mulch film is also pressed when planting water, which seriously affects the soil(flat plastic tray). Breathability, in greenhouse vegetable cultivation, the time to cover the mulch film should be determined according to specific climatic conditions.

If the plant is found to be burned(black plastic plant pots), the fine soil should be pressed on the mulch around the plant for the first time, and the gap between the mulch and the plant should be sealed to prevent the high temperature in the mulch film from continuing to harm. The soil permeability in the operation line is greatly reduced, which affects the root growth and development. Improper cover of the plastic film is an important cause of the occurrence of the disease(seed starter trays). This practice not only does not take advantage of the film cover, but highlights the disadvantages and the effect is very poor.

(pp round nursery pots wholesale supplier qatar)In the operation line covering the mulch film, the drawbacks are also obvious(gallon plant pot). In addition, most of the time it is planted, this situation is mainly due to the light transmission and warming of the film. In addition, the surface soil moisture is vaporized, and water droplets are formed on the lower surface of the film. In sunny and hot weather, the film is not tightly sealed, and it is easy to burn vegetables(wholesale greenhouse pots). Good quality film resistance, good softness in the cold winter.

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