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Plastic 128 Cell Lavender Plug Trays Wholesale

In fact, why do you have to take roots? How to raise roots? Let's take a look at it(plastic plant trays wholesale). High temperature will aggravate the transpiration of the leaves. If the root system is not strong enough and developed, the fertilizer absorbed by the roots can not meet the needs of plant evaporation, and the shortage of nutrient supply will cause the leaves of the plants to curl and yellow leaves, resulting in less flowering fruit and more abnormal fruit(gallon pot). Alternate use to avoid soil salinization. 

For greenhouse workers, soil permeability is improved(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). In addition, high temperature can lead to decreased plant resistance, overall growth is blocked, and viral diseases, nematodes, and insect pests are aggravated. Affected by high temperature, vegetable roots tend to have less hair roots, weak roots, and poor vitality(200 cell seed trays wholesale). It is recommended that vegetable farmers use nutrient roots, maintain roots, balance plant growth, and activate soil. Generally, it takes about 10~15 days after sowing.

(plastic 128 cell lavender plug trays wholesale)The ground temperature directly affects the growth and activity of vegetable roots, and also indirectly affects the roots' absorption of water and nutrients(large plastic terracotta pots). If the ground temperature is too high, it will accelerate the aging of the root system, and it is easy to feel sick. Under normal conditions, the soil temperature is 5-7 °C lower than the air temperature during the day(plastic cell trays supplier), and the upper temperature of the greenhouse is maintained at 28-30 °C.

The phenomenon, even premature aging, reduces planting benefits(nursery plant pots). Therefore, summer rooting is a management measure that cannot be ignored. The ground temperature is relatively suitable for root growth, so, In the summer, small water should be poured and soiled to reduce the ground temperature and protect the root system(32 cell seed trays wholesale). The soil is turned 25~30 cm deep, and 2500~3000 kg of decomposed high-quality organic fertilizer is applied per 667 square meters.(plastic 128 cell lavender plug trays wholesale)

All measures will be taken to prevent the growth of greenhouse vegetables(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Soybean yield and quality are closely related to environmental conditions. According to the nutritional characteristics of soybeans, the phosphate resources of various places are fully utilized. It is recommended that vegetable farmers should not cover the mulch or the late mulch as much as possible in summer(seed starting trays wholesale), and pay attention to diligence, chemical fertilizers and functional fertilizers.

(plastic 128 cell lavender plug trays wholesale)Rational fertilization and the creation of good soil water and fertilizer conditions are the key to achieving high yields of soybeans(square grow pots). Therefore, soybeans need to have sufficient nutrient supply during the whole growth period. Soybean production also has new requirements(3.54inch plastic plant pots). The results of many years of trials in the soybean producing areas in the country have made the use of phosphate rock powder in soybeans have a significant effect on the crops in the following seasons.

But shading is only one of the tasks, and another job is also very important, that is, raising the roots(3.94inch plastic plant pots). In June, all parts of the country have basically entered the high temperature season, sowing the seedlings. When the average daily temperature of the greenhouse reaches 10 °C or above, it can be planted. After the sowing, the mulch film can be covered, and a small arch shed can be added to keep the seedlings warm and the seedlings unearthed(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). Remove the mulch and leave 30,000 plants per 667 square meters.

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