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Decontamination, plants will usher in the spring, around 1950(plastic nursery pots), NASA began to pay attention to the air quality inside the spacecraft and explore ways to improve. In 1974, a young man named Bill was ordered to study the air inside the manned space shuttle in an attempt to find ways to protect astronauts from toxic gases. Studies at the time proved that certain plants were able to absorb some special pollutant gases(seed starter trays).

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Since then, people have begun to pay attention to indoor air quality and are no longer limited to outdoor air(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). Bill designed a closed ecological laboratory modeled after the spacecraft's living environment. According to his experimental results (refer to the left page), it is possible to measure the amount of toxic substances absorbed by certain plants. Bill and his team began to study the interior environment of the home(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). He used a biological filtration system to detect the traits of different plants.

(wholesale plastic nursery pots manufacturers saudi arabia)The system is equipped with activated carbon and a blower that vents toxic gases to the plant(plastic nursery pots wholesale), listing the list of plants that are most effective in eliminating indoor pollution. Bill's research is not only famous in the United States, but also widely spread around the world(nursery plant pots). In 1989, the United States established the Clean Air Association to protect individuals' rights to clean air resources. During the same period, South Korea, California, and India were all committed to exploring ways to purify urban air.

European countries are also not behind Germany(black plastic nursery pots), Switzerland and Italy to start similar experimental research. In 1991, Canada decided to take corresponding measures to rectify Bill's research findings on reducing internal air pollution. In 1993, the French government announced the establishment of an indoor air quality monitoring station. This organization is made up of professionals in architecture and public health who are responsible for extracting indoor air(cell propagation tray wholesale). The samples were analyzed to determine the air pollution index in the enclosed space.(wholesale plastic nursery pots manufacturers saudi arabia)

Subsequently, France's 1901 Act created the "Air Clean Plant Association"(seed starting trays). Its goal is to encourage the planting of plants in daily life and work, to make plants play a decisive role in environmental quality, and to promote the role of plants in pollution (Reference) The following framework: The Air Clean Plants Association has launched a research project on root plants, which is completed by practitioners from the health(20 cell seed starting trays), environmental protection, building and horticulture industries.

(wholesale plastic nursery pots manufacturers saudi arabia)The project was jointly initiated by the Building Science and Technology Center(40 cell plug trays supplier), the Lille Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the Energy Management and Environmental Protection Office, and the research institutions in the Loire and North Calais regions. The original plan was officially completed in 2007. What is the conclusion of the study? That is, no matter what plant, all its components - leaves, stems, humus, micro-organisms have the effect of accelerating the removal of pollution, but the whole plant is more effective(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price).

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