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Teku 15 cm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

If you want to make the flowers grow well, fat is indispensable, but fertilization can not be carried out blindly(nursery trays). There are flower friends who ask for the best fertilizer. The demand for camellia at different stages is different, so we are better. Different fertilizers are given at different stages(18 cell seed trays). Said in the front, the Camellia fertilization, can not be applied too much in a single time, but can not apply heavy fertilizer.

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In the spring, this time, Camellia has a stage of germination and new branches(plastic nursery pots). At this time, we should fertilize the Camellia with nitrogen fertilizer. It can be watered with water at a ratio of 1:4, usually fertilized once every 4-6 days. In the late spring and early summer, if you want to make the camellia more buds at this stage, you should apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and do not apply or apply less nitrogen fertilizer(36 cell seed trays). It is necessary to fertilize properly.(teku 15 cm plastic plant pots wholesale)

At this time, it is not suitable for fertilization. In the autumn, we fertilize mainly for the purpose of wintering accumulation of nutrients(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Therefore, in order to improve the cold resistance of Camellia, we generally apply phosphate and potassium fertilizers to the Camellia. In winter, if you are not a very experienced flower friend, it is not recommended to apply fertilizer(100 gallon fabric pots). If you have experienced flower friends, you can give a thin fertilizer of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

Otherwise, not only can the flowers grow well, but the roots of the flowers will be damaged(1 gallon planters). If the small plant camellia is mainly hairy, it is still based on nitrogen fertilizer, and no or little phosphate fertilizer is applied. In summer, it is best not to fertilize, and the summer is hot and hot, and the camellia grows slowly or falls into a semi-stop state. No need to force, most flower friends have other choices(72 cell seed starting trays). We need to look at this issue comprehensively.

(teku 15 cm plastic plant pots wholesale)The most convenient and fast is tap water. In fact, although tap water is not the most nutritious, it is the best source of watering flowers(wholesale garden pots). If the flower friend wants to help the plant to supplement the nutrients during the watering process, he can choose to dilute the fertilizer with tap water and then water the flowers, which not only conforms to the principle of thin fertilizer(seedling tray 104 holes), but also does not cause the flowers and plants to infect the bacteria because the water source is not clean.

These natural waters, most flower friends will treat their own flowers like children, including water for watering flowers(black plastic nursery pots). There are flower friends who ask at home what water is the most nutritious, so that the flowers grow faster. The use of egg shells as fertilizer has been used in the private sector since ancient times. It is concentrated in large pots such as orange trees, and the method is relatively rough(square plastic plant pots). There are also flower friends who ask what flowers like egg shell fertilizer.

The first thing that can be determined is that the egg shell is a fertilizer(12 cell seed trays). It has been tested by the flower friends. The results show that the flower of the egg shell is better than the flower without the egg shell. But even then, we have to use the egg shell reasonably. There are three main ways to eat the egg shell. One is to put the egg shell directly on the surface of the flower pot(51 cell plug trays). It is generally seen in large potted plants in the courtyard, mainly orange trees.(teku 15 cm plastic plant pots wholesale)

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