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Wholesale 5 Gallon Nursery Supplies Plastic Pots

Although there are many plots due to inadequate or low quality application of base fertilizers(black plastic nursery pots), topdressing and watering are essential in the corn management process. Topdressing with urea is appropriate. The ornamental value is very high. Some new flower lovers want to know how to cultivate potted figs(1020 trays). Compared with daily maintenance, the environment is more important and the environment is better. Regardless of it, you can also hang fruit!

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So plenty of sunshine and ventilation is essential(wholesale nursery pots), so we generally recommend potted figs in the yard or on the rooftops, open-air terraces, etc. Flower lovers in other places can choose according to the actual situation. If the lighting and ventilation are normal, potted figs are not recommended(32 cell seed starter trays). The choice of flower pots is best to choose pots with a diameter of 30 cm or more. The bigger the better, the depth is about 30 cm, and it can be deeper.

(wholesale 5 gallon nursery supplies plastic pots)Because the flower friends who read this article(plastic nursery pots), it is estimated that a pot of figs is already in front of us, so some basic basins and the like, not much to say here, we mainly talk about management. Potted figs, in most cases, we need to control the plants, that is, proper pruning. For figs, the shape of the pruning is mostly fan-shaped, that is(72 cell trays), without leaving the center trunk, only about 3 main branches and side branches can be retained.

The specific method of staying is because, in the green seedlings, there are 4 buds left at the base of the trunk(nursery trays), the above part is cut off, the base trunk will issue new branches, and today we reserve 3 main branches. For other time pruning, keep in mind that the fig's vernal fruit is tied to the branches of the previous year, so it is best not to cut off the branches of the previous year, usually when the branches are too dense(200 cell seed starting trays). Yes. Now there is a circle of flower friends who like potted fruit trees, figs are also among them.(wholesale 5 gallon nursery supplies plastic pots)

The flower pot is large, so the water retention is not bad, as long as the potting soil is not dry, it is not necessary to water the winter to avoid freezing(15 gallon plastic plant pots). Potted figs, fertilization must be intentional. In the spring, we can add organic fertilizer appropriately. The fertilizer effect of organic fertilizer is more moderate. When the fruit is started, some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be given properly. When the fruit is to be discolored(72 cell plug trays), Pay attention to controlling the amount of watering to avoid cracking.(wholesale 5 gallon nursery supplies plastic pots)

Generally, the soil requirements are not strict(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If you have the conditions, you can choose a fertile and water-permeable soil such as humus soil. If the conditions are not enough, you can use the garden soil directly. Finally, let's talk about the result of the fig. The fig can usually be fruited twice. The first time is the summer fruit, which is the fruit of the branches of the previous year(128 cell plug trays). It is also called the spring fruit. At this time, the figs are compared. Big, but the taste is a bit worse.

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