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Cheap Plastic Propagation Trays Western Australia

The so-called "capped seedlings" means that the seeds are not left in the soil when the seeds are emerged(24 cell trays bulk), but the seed shells are unearthed together with the cotyledons. The seedlings unearthed with the seed shells are called "capped seedlings". "Hat-capped seedlings" can cause the cotyledons of the seedlings to not stretch normally, reduce the photosynthetic efficiency, thereby affecting the early growth of the seedlings, causing the seedlings to be malnourished(plastic nursery pots), directly affecting the later normal production management and yield. Such as seed maturity is not enough, storage for too long or by pests and diseases.

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(cheap plastic propagation trays western australia)Watering: After the meteorite is covered, the machine is automatically watered and poured in one time(4 cell trays bulk). The vitality of the seed is reduced, and the shelling phenomenon occurs when the soil is unloaded when unearthed. Seeds should be planted with new and full quality and good quality. Cover soil should be appropriate, not too thin. Fertilizer management: When the cotyledons are fully unfolded in summer, and the fresh leaves are just exposed(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the first fertilization can be started. In winter, the first time, the water is poured in about 15 days after emergence.

It is not enough water when planting(6 cell trays bulk), the seed has not yet emerged, the topsoil has dried, and the seed coat is dry and hard, and often cannot fall off smoothly. Water the bottom water before planting. At the beginning of seed emergence, pay attention to observe the emergence of seeds. If it is found that the seedlings have a cap phenomenon, it is necessary to evenly spread a layer of the substrate on the surface of the tray, increase the pressure of the soil, help the seed to shell(1020 trays wholesale), or evenly spray the water, and then Cover with a layer of soil moisturizing anti-corrugation.(cheap plastic propagation trays western australia)

The seeding soil is too thin, so that the pressure of the covering soil is too small, the seed shell is not taken off(8 cell trays bulk), the seedling has been unearthed, and the seedlings are unearthed. It was found that the seedlings unearthed from the “top shell” were sprayed with fine water to soften the seed coat in time, and artificially assisted shelling. Watering: After covering the vermiculite, the plugs enter the watering section through the conveyor belt and are poured in one time(black plastic nursery pots). Generally, the 72-hole plate of the solanaceous fruit is selected, the 50-hole or 72-hole tray is used for watermelon and melon, and the 128-hole tray is selected for the leafy vegetables.

Temperature management: Ensure that the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 15 °C(12 cell trays bulk). As the growth rate of the seedlings can be high to low. The first 150ppm20-10-20 fertilizer, the second 200ppm17-5-17-6Ca-3Mg fertilizer, the third 200ppm20-10-20 fertilizer, the fourth 200ppm14-0-14 fertilizer, this cycle, the seedling age The fertilizer concentration can be increased to 250ppm in about 20 days(plastic plant pots wholesale australia). Each time the water is watered, see dry and wet, and the seedbed is watered before 10 o'clock in the morning.(cheap plastic propagation trays western australia)

After the end of the combination, a 150ppm20-10-20 fertilizer is poured(18 cell trays bulk). Common diseases in the seedling stage include: blight, rickets, blight, anthracnose, bacterial leaf spot, gray mold. Botrytis cinerea is treated with 50% wettable powder 300-600 times solution, Kaiser 50% water-dispersible granule 800-1000 times solution, and procymidone 10% smoke agent 200-300g(wholesale nursery pots). Liriomyza sativae is treated with 50% soluble powder muscarin 1500-3000 times solution and Benedict 10% dispersible oil suspension 1500-2500 times solution.

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