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Cheap Cactus Seed Starter Trays Wholesale California

Speaking of vegetable cultivation, we have to talk about seedlings, and seedlings are inseparable from seedling trays(plastic nursery pots). In this issue, we will introduce to you the practice and improvement of "Zengxiao brand seedling tray" through many years. Now the Zengxiao brand seedling tray is also in various places. The nursery base has been widely used and has been recognized and praised. The new seedling tray has the advantages of light weight and convenience(8 cell propagation trays wholesale), reduced virus growth cycle shortening, no roots, good seedlings, no root damage, and high survival rate of planting. The foam tray can be used several times.

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(cheap cactus seed starter trays wholesale california)The reasons for these two situations are explained as follows: reduction, waste foam(plastic nursery pots wholesale), major pollution to the natural ecological environment. Next, we will take you to the various nursery bases that use our products to see, let you reconsider our new type. Application of seedling trays. This product is suitable for use in various seedling bases such as vegetables, flowers, seedlings and flue-cured tobacco seedlings(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). The advantages of the products are environmental protection, durability, and observation. If there is disease, spray pesticides in time.

Maintenance is very important, mainly to control the water level and light(black plastic nursery pots). Note that it must not be exposed to the sun, nor can it be placed in a completely cool and dull environment. It is best to maintain it in an astigmatic environment and let the leaves receive part of the light. Conducive to fast service basins, as well as the water level of the chassis is preferably controlled in about one-fifth of the seedling tray, which is conducive to water absorption and oxygen concentration(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). After the water level and astigmatism are maintained, don't care too much during the cutting process.

(cheap cactus seed starter trays wholesale california)Move the wrench to drop the seed into the tray(plug trays wholesale). The above is a case of cutting for a month and a half, and I saw that it was spent, almost 100% survival. Let's check the root system, we can see that the root system is very strong. Through such media cutting, you can use the transplanted plant without direct planting, but you should also pay attention not to hurt the root when transplanting. We shared the seedling tray cutting season(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). Law, a method of rapid growth and not easy to black pole cuttings, I hope to help everyone.

The solution to the first situation and the reason: When the germinated seeds are placed in the pots and covered with soil(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the initial stage of watering is too small. Remember, at this time, the water must be sprayed on the surface of the soil layer with a thin layer of water. Then cover with plastic wrap to moisturize and keep warm. When the seedlings are placed on the plastic wrap, the water is lost quickly after being uncovered(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). At this time, the color of the soil surface needs to be observed every day. When the soil surface shows the color of the dry soil, it needs to be watered as soon as possible.(cheap cactus seed starter trays wholesale california)

The reason for the second situation(wholesale nursery pots): a lot of watering and pouring, and did not let the Miao see the wind, remember not to let the seedlings not see the wind, otherwise, the seedlings will be more cowardly; watering over, the seedlings grow like bean sprouts La, so, be sure to, after the dry and then watering, is also a necessary step to practice seedlings! What should the good seedlings look like? Of course, it is thick and oily(40 cell plug tray wholesale). When the outdoor temperature is above 14 degrees Celsius and the temperature inside the shed exceeds 28 degrees Celsius, the seedlings should be ventilated in time.

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