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Custom Printed Nursery Pots Wholesale

Placing a few pots of flowers and plants at home can beautify the environment(plastic nursery pots wholesale), add fun, and adjust the air quality, which is beneficial to our health. What role can Epiphyllum play in our life? Epiphyllum can inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night. Ordinary flowers can purify the air, but only in the daytime, when night comes, they will become like the human body(bulk half gallon pots), absorb oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

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(custom printed nursery pots wholesale)Therefore, if too many such flowers are placed indoors, it will cause flowers and people to compete for oxygen, affecting people's health(plug trays wholesale). Epiphyllum is just the opposite. It is a common plant with CAN metabolism. It closes the stomata on the back of leaves in the daytime. At night, it opens the stomata on the back of leaves, exhausts oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide when the ambient temperature drops to the appropriate temperature(gallon planters supplier). Epiphyllum can increase the indoor negative ion content.

It is beautiful and noble when flowering, fragrant, has always been a favorite beautiful flower(plastic nursery pots). Not only that, it can release negative ions and make the indoor air fresh and pleasant. Negative ions can be said to be the vitamin in the air. If the negative ions content in the room decreases, people will feel suffocation and suffocation(15 gallon pots distributor). Therefore, Epiphyllum, which can increase the concentration of negative ions in the air, is indeed a rare beautiful and beneficial flower.(custom printed nursery pots wholesale)

Epiphyllum is a flower of cactus family(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It can reduce blood pressure and stabilize mood through vision and olfaction. It has many benefits for human health. Its odor has the ability of sterilization and bacteriostasis, so that the home environment is full of healthy atmosphere. With the improvement of people's living standard, flower cultivation has become an important part of life(14 gallon pots distributor). What are you hesitating about when putting Epiphyllum in your bedroom can beautify the environment, purify the air and enrich people's daily life?(custom printed nursery pots wholesale)

The main reason is: too much sunshine(black plastic nursery pots). High temperature season should avoid direct sunlight, should be placed in ventilation, shade. The temperature is too high. When the temperature exceeds 35 C, the plants will turn yellow and dry, and suffer from the harm of scale insects. Lack of nutrients. During the growth period of two weeks, it is necessary to apply the thin pancake fertilizer water which is fully ripe once, and add about 0.2% black alum in the fertilizer water. In addition, it is necessary to turn the basin every year(7 gallon pots distributor). The basin soil is too wet. Suitable for drying or not wet, avoid basin soil water, soil is too wet and rotten roots easily.

What if Epiphyllum does not blossom? After summer, put potted flowers in a ventilated and visible place(wholesale nursery pots). Do not expose them to the sun. Gradually increase the supply of fertilizer and water, and control fertilizer and water before budding. Maintain high air humidity to promote flower bud formation. When the flower buds appear, the supply of fertilizer and water should be sufficient, timely application of phosphorus fertilizer once, to promote bright flowers. Water should be controlled after flowering and fertilization should be stopped(5 gallon pots distributor). After autumn, organic fertilizer should be applied once, which is beneficial to plant rejuvenation.

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