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Because summer is the peak season for loofah, many people cook a loofah every other day or two(flat plastic tray). The loofah in the outside restaurant is also one of the usual dishes, but the summer loofah cultivation is difficult. The selection should be based on the local climate to determine the appropriate variety(gallon nursery pots), and then select from this variety no disease, insects, full of particles, vitality of loofah species.

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The planting plot should be selected from a place where the water source is sufficient, the irrigation and drainage is convenient, and the soil is loose and fertile(plastic grow pots). The topography is preferably flat and sunny, and the low-lying area is not suitable for planting loofah. When preparing the soil, first of all, it should be said that the base fertilizer is sufficient(cell trays). Generally, the organic fertilizer is applied. It must be fully decomposed before it can be applied.(cheap 13 cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

It takes about ten hours or so, and then is placed in a high-humidity environment of twenty-eight degrees to thirty degrees for germination(greenhouse supplies pots). Usually, after three or five days, the loofah species can germinate. Loofah is a vine-shaped vegetable, so the work of scaffolding is very important(gallon plant pot). The main vines of loofah can generally rise to about 8 meters to 15 meters. If they grow well, they can reach more than 20 meters. Permeability between loofah.

After entering the flowering period, it is necessary to increase the amount of watering properly(wholesale greenhouse pots). Otherwise, it is easy to cause fat damage, and then compound fertilizer can be added. The ditches for watering can be constructed at this time. After starting to make a melon, it is necessary to increase the frequency of watering(plug trays). It can be watered regularly before flowering. Everyone needs to pay more attention.(cheap 13 cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

Use two sticks to hold them together, then row them up, and build some shelf cloths into a grid(seed starter trays). This will increase the conditions of the light, and the loofah will not be too crowded. The height of the general shelf is more than two meters, which can make the loofah not fall(propagation tray). After the insertion of the rack, the loofah index should be carried out on the vines. When the female flowers appear, the vines are introduced and the vines are evenly distributed on the stent.

(cheap 13 cm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)Therefore, the soil for planting loofah must be kept moist for a long time(square nursery pots). Finally, in the seedling stage of the loofah, the manure water was drenched about 3 times. The initial flowering period should focus on fertilization, and apply about 100 kg of compound fertilizer per acre. After entering the harvesting period, each fertilizer will be topdressed twice(1 gallon nursery pots supplier), and the topdressing fertilizer will be based on compound fertilizer, urea and potash.

It is not suitable to water at noon on sunny days(black plastic plant pots). In the harvesting period, not only water should be properly watered, but also a water layer of about 15 cm should be kept in the ditch. In rainy days, attention should be paid to drainage work. When the loofah results in fruit enlargement, combined with the use of compound fertilizer(2 gallon nursery pots supplier), plus some potash and phosphate fertilizer, the area of one mu of land requires about 10 kg to 15 kg of compound fertilizer.

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