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Cheap Plastic Gallon Trade Pots In Bulk

In addition to timely supplementation of nutrients, it is also necessary to turn over the soil to ensure good soil permeability(wholesale nursery pots). However, it is a technical job to change the basin in Milan. Milan flowers are generally better when changing the basin in spring. When you change the basin, you should be very careful not to hurt Milan. Otherwise, it may cause death in Milan. The following is a small series for you(32 cell plug trays supplier). Introduce how long it takes for Milan to change the pot, when to change, what to pay attention to when changing pots!

(cheap plastic gallon trade pots in bulk)It is usually done after the local flower out of the room or Milan out of the room(plug trays wholesale). Generally, the basins are changed in the spring of March. It is better to change the pots to choose the flower dormancy period. It is not advisable to change the pots in the hot season, long or flowering period. If it is necessary to change the basin during the hot season, the long season or the flowering period, it is necessary to change the method. In the evening or in the rainy day, do not damage the roots(50 cell plug trays supplier). The whole pot is soiled. When changing the basin, the old root of the soil surface is cut with a sharp knife. Go to the first layer to promote new roots.

After changing the water, don't bask in the sun(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The next day, water is poured again, and the roots are raised for about half a month. It can be moved to the sunny place and transferred to normal management. Milan is a tropical plant that is suitable for growing in a warm and humid environment. It is not cold-tolerant, so it is best to choose the basin for March to May. Of course, other seasons are also possible, but you must choose the hot season(105 cell plant trays bulk), or the flower growth and flowering period of Milan. The basin should be chosen at night or on a rainy day.

(cheap plastic gallon trade pots in bulk)The purpose is also to change the pH of the soil(plastic nursery pots wholesale), so it is most appropriate to prepare the culture soil dominated by humus soil before this. In order to avoid damage to the root system, the roots of the Milan flower and the soil should be taken out together when the plants are depilated. This step is very important. Find some light tools, break the soil on the roots of Milan(128 cell plant trays bulk), slowly remove the original soil from the surface, not remove all, and keep a part.

When transplanting, the original soil is kept at 70%, 30% of new soil is added, and then Milan is moved to the pot(black plastic nursery pots), so as to avoid the sudden death of Milan caused by environmental changes. Pour enough water, pour it again the next day, then put it in a dark place for about 10 days, and finally transfer to normal management. Rice orchids like moist and fertile soil with slightly acidic soil(72 cell plant trays bulk). When changing pots, it is most appropriate to choose culture soil dominated by humus soil.(cheap plastic gallon trade pots in bulk)

The specific time for changing the basin depends on the local temperature(plug trays wholesale). The Milan flower is taken out from the original pot. Try to keep the original soil mass. When removing the original soil on the root of the Milan flower, cut off the old root of the surface. Then Move the Milan flower into a pot with new soil. After the basin is changed, the first watering must be poured, and it should be placed in a dark place for about 10 days(105 cell plug trays supplier). After it is slowed down, normal maintenance can be carried out.

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