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Therefore, when the sun rises, it will bloom with flaming brilliance, and when the moon shines, its light shrouds a faint blue halo(nursery trays). It is so magical, with the glory of the sun and the moon always growing up in spirit, so it is given the title of the flower of the warrior, it has become synonymous with bravery and upward(50 cell trays bulk), the warrior must wear it to show bravery before the expedition Its name is passed down from generation to generation.

(cheap large plastic plant containers wholesale)During the growth process, Milan flowers are a symbol of courage and passion(plastic nursery pots). Rice orchid is a common woody plant that grows rapidly. It needs to grow tiller. If it is not controlled, it will unconsciously emerge from the ground. Not only will the plant type be messy, but it will also affect flowering! Let's share Milan for you(72 cell trays bulk). The method of pruning the flowers! Keep the crown, do not let the main branches out of the soil, but pay attention when trimming.

The rice flower is about to start shaping from the seedling stage, and only a section of 15 to 20 cm is reserved(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Do not let the trunk grow from the surface of the soil to make the plant full. Because the branches of the perennial old plant are easy to die, so from the seedling stage, the pruning should be carried out once every other year in the high temperature period, and the adventitious buds under the main branch can be promoted to grow new side branches(98 cell trays bulk), thus maintaining the tree shape, tree Strong and strong, Ye Mao spent.

(cheap large plastic plant containers wholesale)According to legend(cannabis pot), timely pruning in the growing season can promote the germination of the side branches, which can make Milan's canopy flourish. When the plant grows too high or is inconsistent with the placement space, the branches of the high school can be short-cut, so that the Milan flower grows laterally and enlarges the canopy. The pruning time is generally carried out within one week before and after each flowering(32 cell trays bulk), and the top buds and flower buds are properly removed during the bud stage, and the trimming is generally not required in summer.

During the year, Milan's first pruning was in the spring(wholesale plant containers). Once it was moved to the outdoor (balcony), the dead branches, sick branches and thin and dense branches were cut off to enhance ventilation and light transmission. And let the nutrients concentrate on the remaining branches to promote the growth of Milan. In fact, the method of pruning Milan flowers is not fixed(21 cell trays bulk). In addition to the seedling stage and early spring, the pruning of these two periods is necessary, and there is a special pruning situation.(cheap large plastic plant containers wholesale)

For example, in the north in the next year, when the temperature is high, it needs to be cut once(black plastic nursery pots). Cut off the twigs that grow from the soil. Pay attention to the topping of the roots. You can remove the residual flowers in time after the flowering. Pay attention to topdressing to facilitate the next flowering. The first day of Milan's daily pruning is generally in the spring when it is ready to grow and germination, mainly to subtract some of the branches that are withered in winter or damaged by pests and diseases(15 cell trays bulk). And the dense branch that is too dense to cause photosynthesis to weaken.

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