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Cheap 1 Gallon Plastic Nursery Pots Wholesale

The bougainvillea bonsai prefers water(greenhouse supplies pots). It can be watered once a day in spring and autumn, and once in the summer, and in the winter, water can be properly controlled, as long as the spray is moist. After pouring water, Bougainvillea has a large demand for water, especially in the summer season. Water shortage is easy to cause leaves, affecting growth and flowering. Water is poured twice a day during the summer flowering season, water is sprayed in the morning, and water is poured once after 4 pm(cell trays). In this winter, the water is controlled, and the potting soil is not dried.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale)However, the water should be deducted 4 to 5 weeks before the flowering of the bougainvillea(square nursery pots), that is, after the water is poured once, the leaves or the buds are drooped and then poured, which is beneficial to the differentiation and formation of flower buds. Triangle flowers like moist soil, afraid of water stains. In the spring, as the growth potential accelerates, watering is required every day in a timely manner(gallon plant pot), and water is often added to the leaves and the surrounding area to increase the air humidity. If the air humidity is insufficient, it is easy to fall.

Therefore, there are many triangular flowers and large amount of water consumed in summer(flat plastic tray). It is best to pour water once a day in the morning and evening to make the soil moist and increase the number of times of watering the leaves and the surrounding area. After the temperature in the autumn is cool, keep the soil moist. At the end of autumn, winter and early spring, when the temperature is low (about 10 °C), water is poured less, so that the basin soil is dried(black plastic plant pots). However, if the indoor temperature is kept above 15 °C, the watering should be more, so that the potting soil is moist.

(cheap 1 gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale)This is repeated until the flower shape of the leaf axils appears at the branch end, and then gradually returns to normal watering(wholesale greenhouse pots). Water-retaining increases the concentration of cell fluid and promotes the differentiation and formation of flower buds. Cold air activities are frequent, low temperature, low precipitation, frequent cooling, wind and rain and snow, slow evaporation of water in winter(plug trays), excessive watering, long-term occupation of soil space, soil permeability, soil hypoxia, Adhere to the under-film dark irrigation. Excessive soil moisture can cause defoliation and rotten roots.

After the flower is thanked, the watering can be appropriately reduced(plastic grow pots). The mulch film can effectively prevent the evaporation of the surface water and then reduce the humidity of the air in the shed. Winter is the shortest period of light in a year. The seedlings have weak resistance. The diseased plants are removed and taken out of the field for deep burial. If there is sporadic disease after emergence, it should be sprayed in time(gallon nursery pots). The field pests are removed in time, and the underground pests that harm the winter seedbed are mainly tigers, crickets, crickets, etc. (cheap 1 gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale)

The purple triangle plum should begin to deduct water 5 weeks before the flowering (ie around mid-August). After the leaves and buds are drooping, they are poured(seed starter trays). The degree of water deduction is based on the fact that the plant does not die. Conditional drip irrigation equipment can be used to carry out submerged dark irrigation. The bougainvillea bonsai fertilization adopts a three-pronged five-paste water in the water to be poured(120mm plastic grow pots). The first few times are mainly nitrogen, supplemented by phosphorus and potassium, and later phosphorus and potassium.

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