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It's very simple to plant cabbage on the balcony, so to speak, the planting methods and steps of cabbage on the balcony(seed starter trays). The way of planting cabbage is generally chosen. First of all, we need to prepare rapeseed. Chinese cabbage is not very demanding on soil. It is easy to loosen the air and keep water(vegetable growing trays). Generally it is mixed with vegetable garden soil, rotten leaf soil, microbial fertilizer, special fertilizer for fruits and vegetables in a certain proportion.

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The seeds were treated with germination, soaked in warm water at 50-55 ℃ for 15 minutes, and then immersed in water at normal temperature for 6-8 hours(square nursery pots). When the seeds are ready to be soaked, the nutritive soil shall be put into the container and leveled, and then the watering can be used to water them, and then a layer of 1cm fine soil shall be covered. When the seedlings have 4 leaves, they should be transplanted into the pot(grass growing trays). Cabbages like a warm and humid environment.(cheap 3 inch square plastic nursery pots manufacturers)

Once they reach the winter dormancy period, fertilization can stop until the next spring warm returns to life(plug trays wholesale). Clean the flowerpot before entering the basin, pad tile on the bottom of the basin, and load the nutritious soil to 3-4cm along the edge of the basin. Dig 5-7cm deep holes at an interval of about 10cm. Carefully dig out cabbage seedlings with bamboo sticks. When planting, the root system shall be vertical, spread out and planted in the hole(1 gallon grow pots). After burying, pour enough bottom water.

When they are cultivated, they can be placed on the roof, balcony and other sunny places(black plastic nursery pots). After transplanting, keep moisture, heat and shade, and gradually see sunshine after 4-5 days. During the growing period, the special fertilizer for fruits and vegetables can be applied once. In the period of vigorous growth, the efficiency of catching insects is relatively low, which is far less than that of Cape of good hope(plastic plant pots nz). How many mosquitoes and ants can be caught depends on luck.

(cheap 3 inch square plastic nursery pots manufacturers)Generally, only some small flying insects and ants can be caught (mosquitoes cannot be caught). But sometimes there are too many insects around(large round plastic planters), and the bottle will wither due to excessive insect catching, so if the flower friends who just raise the purple bottle grass to appreciate it are full of insects, remember to take a cotton ball to block the bottle mouth(buy nursery pots). Generally speaking, the cultivation methods of Sargassum are introduced here.

We must pay attention to that there are not too many insects caught by Sargassum, and be careful of the death of Sargassum(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Water content: when the leaves are wilting, water them in real time. After the rain, don't rush to water them. We can spray water properly(small square plant pots). Under the wet and cloudy conditions with insufficient light, when the soil is a little dry, new roots will grow, and after the absorption function is restored, abnormal watering can be performed.

Most of the insectivorous plants need high air humidity(128 cell plug flats). However, dahlia leaves have many flowers and large flowers, and its root system will be thin and weak. In addition, if the ventilation is poor and overcast, it is easy to produce black spot. At this time, the environment should be changed, the diseased leaves should be cut off, and then the chlorothalonil or sulfur mixture should be used for spraying(plug flats wholesale). If the temperature is too high, move it to a bright scattering light.(cheap 3 inch square plastic nursery pots manufacturers)

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