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Cheap Deep Propagation Trays Wholesale Suppliers

Vegetables are indispensable to the table(10.5cm plastic grow pots). Common vegetables are planted in the open and pot. But in recent years, soilless vegetable cultivation is very popular. I believe that most people don't know this very well. Let's take a look at the key points of soilless vegetable cultivation techniques(plastic starter plant pots). Soilless cultivation is a kind of planting mode that uses nutrient matrix or nutrient solution to replace soil as the root growth environment for plant growth.

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Nutrient matrix composition: Perlite, vermiculite, peat, coconut bran and other substances(100mm plastic grow pots). Nutrient matrix or nutrient solution can provide the nutrients needed for crop growth (when planting different kinds of crops, different matrix should be prepared, because the matrix is prepared according to the nutrients needed for crop growth). In other words, if the nutrition absorbed by the crops will not be reduced(3 inch succulent pots), then the nutrition contained in the crops will not be reduced.

(cheap deep propagation trays wholesale suppliers)In this way, there is no need to worry about the loss of nutrients in soilless crops(11cm plastic grow pots). Soilless cultivation is a new matrix, so there is no continuous cropping obstacles and soil borne diseases, that is to say, the incidence of soilless cultivation will be greatly reduced, and the number of pesticide application will be greatly reduced(green plastic hanging baskets). Because the nutrients required by crops are contained in the substrate, the use of fertilizer will also be reduced!

If you don't have or feel trouble, you can also directly use microbial inoculant special fertilizer for fruits and vegetables(110mm plastic grow pots). It is safer and more reliable than the vegetables planted in the soil. Leek is a light loving plant. In fact, soilless cultivation of vegetables is a good development project, which is not suitable for large-scale application and production(plastic bonsai pots for sale). I believe that with the continuous development of technology, soilless cultivation will become the mainstream. Everyone can eat soilless vegetables or cultivate them by themselves.(cheap deep propagation trays wholesale suppliers)

We will buy the leek root left behind, directly buried in the foam box, watering, almost a week after the slow seedling period, and began to grow(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). Add some organic base fertilizer to leek, such as rotten fat cake and waste oil from kitchen, etc. to top up leek. If the leek wants to burst the pot continuously, after harvesting(hydroponic trays for sale), it must be fertilized in time, and some plant ashes must be sprinkled in time, so as to make the wound of leek heal faster, grow new leaves as soon as possible, and prevent diseases and insect pests.

(cheap deep propagation trays wholesale suppliers)The reason why there is no large-scale production now is that the cost of soilless cultivation is relatively high(12cm plastic grow pots). Nutrient solution: the crop culture liquid with nutrient elements. At this time, we need to make up for the leek. Leeks do not have high requirements for soil, but they need a lot of fertilizer in the growing season, so that they can grow wildly(cheap plant containers for sale). Spring and autumn days sunshine is not strong, can accept the light of the whole day, if the leek lacks light, it will grow thin and long.

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