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Cheap Large Black 7 Gallon Plant Pots In Canada

The sowing period of eggplant is determined by the planting period and the seedling age(plastic plant pots). A suitable sowing date is the date from the artificially determined colonization period minus the seedling age of the seedlings. It should be determined according to the production plan, local climatic conditions, seedbed equipment, seedling technology and variety characteristics(2 gallon pot). The greenhouse is best sown in a seed box and can be moved at will to adjust temperature and light.(cheap large black 7 gallon plant pots in canada)

Stir constantly for 15 minutes and wash the seeds daily for germination(plastic plant trays wholesale). After the water seeps down, sow or ditch the seed, after the sowing, cover 1 cm thick fine soil, then cover the plastic film, and release the seeds when they are unearthed. Drop it. Seed treatment: Time 1-2 days, to plant seeds on the land, should not be allowed to dry on the cement floor. The purpose of sun-breeding is to promote seed ripening(3 gallon nursery pots), increase seed germination potential and germination rate, and kill the bacteria on the surface of seeds.

(cheap large black 7 gallon plant pots in canada)Eggplant seed coat is thick, soaking seeds and germination for a long time(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Soak the seeds in cold water for 2~3 minutes, then soak them in 50 °C warm water for 15 minutes, remove them and rinse them with water, then soak them in room temperature for a day and night, then rinse them with water, and wrap them in a damp cloth to 28 °C(5 gallon nursery pots). Under the conditions of germination, and washed once every 4 to 6 hours with water, usually 4 days to sprout.

The summer and autumn season seedlings can be directly sown with the sterilized seeds(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The seeds are exposed to the sun for a few hours, and then soaked in hot water at 55 ° C for 15 minutes, constantly stirring in one direction to make them evenly heated. After soaking to room temperature for another 20-24 hours, then thoroughly cleaned, remove the water film, remove and dry(7 gallon nursery pots canada), control the water overnight, then the seeds do not stick or slip, start germination.

Washing the seeds every day will form a water film that affects the seed's breathing and sprouting(square plastic pots). Sprinkle a layer of fine soil, soak for 8-9 hours, remove and dry, ready to sow. Generally, when more than 80% of the seeds are broken (white), they can be sown. This method firstly lays a layer of 3 cm thick nutrient soil in the seeding box. Eggplant growth requires higher temperatures(10 gallon pot). First, wrap the seeds with wet gauze or wet towel, and put them in a carton or tile basin with a "well" frame in the middle.(cheap large black 7 gallon plant pots in canada) 

Generally, there is space for ventilation, and 15 watts of coal bubbles are suspended in the middle(plastic terracotta pots). The circumference and bottom of the carton are covered with insulation materials such as straw and cotton wool. The temperature of the lid is adjusted by the opening and closing of the lid(1 gallon pot). The temperature is kept at 30 ° C for 16 hours during the day and 20-25 ° C for 8 hours at night to make the seeds reach the temperature difference of 5-10 ° C. Remove and ventilate twice a day to replenish oxygen.

On the third day, when the seeds are about to germinate(seedling trays), thoroughly clean the hydration once, and still control the water for one night after the effluent, and continue to change the temperature and germination as above. The soaked seeds will not be dehydrated within 2 days; during the 4 days of germination, the oxygen and air are unblocked(15 gallon pot), the water-free membrane and mucus are hindered, and the buds are determined in 4 days, and the effect is good.(cheap large black 7 gallon plant pots in canada)

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