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Cheap Mini Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers Cape Town

It can be noted that the cultivation management in the early stage is mainly due to the excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer by the farmers(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is suggested that if the planting density is too large, it is easy to appear that the plants are long, delaying the potato, or even not potato, which seriously affects the yield(plastic flower pots wholesale). By controlling the watering, the number of watering and the amount of water can be reduced.

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For the plots with high organic matter content and good fertility(square nursery pots), combined application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, appropriately reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, topdressing should be in the seedling stage, topdressing as soon as possible, bud to flowering period should not be topdressed(plastic flower pots manufacturers), and reduce pouring The number of water and the amount of water.(cheap mini plastic plant pots manufacturers cape town)

As the temperature rises, when the night temperature is stable above 10 degrees, the vents may not be closed at night(black plastic nursery pots). If the humidity in the shed is large, it should be ventilated and drained in rainy days. In particular, avoid excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer. Potatoes are the main food crops in China, and their planting area is also expanding(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). However, in the process of planting potatoes, there will be cases where potatoes are not growing.

The proper drought of the soil can delay the growth of the plants, but controlling the watering is only temporary, and the production will be reduced after a long time(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). A large number of plant potatoes, when the temperature in the shed rises to 18 degrees in the morning from 8 to 10 in the morning(germination flats), the air is cooled down in time. When the temperature in the shed falls to 14-16 degrees in the afternoon at 2~3 pm, the vents are closed in time.

(cheap mini plastic plant pots manufacturers cape town)Use 1% magnesium sulfate + 50~100 mg / liter of paclobutrazol (or 3000 mg / open chlormequat) to spray about 1~2 times to control the plant growth(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In the potato bud period to the flowering stage, foliar spray 60~120 mg / liter of meperazine (low concentration of bud period) can inhibit the growth of aboveground parts of plants(plant germination trays), increase yield, and increase the proportion of large and medium potato pieces.

Use 2000~2500mg/L of chlormequat solution for foliar application(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Using 30~70 mg/l of uniconazole solution to spray the leaves on the flowering stage of the potato, the stems can be shortened, the leaves are dark green, the growth of the aboveground part is delayed(plug tray nursery), the growth of the underground potato blocks is accelerated, and the number of potato pieces is increased.(cheap mini plastic plant pots manufacturers cape town)

Note: When the potato plant height is 25-30 cm(black plastic plant pots), spray the leaf surface with 150~200 mg/L paclobutrazol solution, use 20-30 gram of wettable powder per acre, 30 kg of water, 40 kg of water, spray evenly with a sprayer. From the end of plant growth to the potato phase, spray with a concentration of 100 mg / liter of paclobutrazol solution(shallow germination trays), the dosage is 50 liters / acre, increase the proportion of large and medium potatoes, increase production.

(cheap mini plastic plant pots manufacturers cape town)After many trials, the best effect is paclobutrazol(plug trays wholesale). The dosage is 50L/mu, which can make the aboveground part grow strong, avoid the lengthening, make the tuber form early, increase the proportion of large tuber and increase the yield. By removing the flower buds, it is also possible to control the growth of the plants and to promote the growth of the potatoes(plastic seedling trays). On the leaves of the plants, the stems and leaves can be controlled. 

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