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Mung bean sprouts are rich in nutrients, but the quality of mung bean sprouts on the market is uneven, and there are even buds(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). And the cultivation of mung bean sprouts is not difficult, so many people choose to grow green bean sprouts at home(seed starter trays). What are the methods for planting mung bean sprouts? What should I pay attention to when planting? Let's take a look at it today.

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Probably in the April-September of each year, the regions are slightly different(seed starting trays). Until the green beans have a little white spot, you can pour it into the prepared beverage bottle and enclose it with a black towel to avoid the light. Next, the beverage bottle is connected with a pot of water at the bottom of the flower pot(nursery plant pots). Be careful not to let the water leak out, and keep it opaque, and the upper part of the bottle should be wrapped with black cloth.(cheap plastic rootmaker propagation trays manufacturer)

Precautions for the cultivation of mung bean sprouts: First prepare a clean washing basket and wash the mung beans(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition, lay a wet towel on the bottom of the basket, pour the soaked mung beans into the basket, then put a layer of wet towel on the mung bean, and then put the basket in a cool and ventilated place(greenhouse supplies pots). Then just pay attention to add water to the basket in the morning and evening, and cover the wet towel.

First cut off the mouth of a clean empty beverage bottle and make a uniform hole at the bottom of the bottle(6.35cm square grow pots). Mung bean sprouts are a type of bean sprouts, and I believe many of my friends have eaten them. You can also eat it in about 10 days. The green bean sprouts can't see light during the planting process, and the light protection is better(plastic grow pots). Of course, the time of carnation cutting is not limited, except for the hot climate, it can be reproduced in other seasons.(cheap plastic rootmaker propagation trays manufacturer)

Finally, it will be flushed on time(black plastic plant pots). It is necessary to flush the water once every 5~6 hours, and put it in a ventilated place for 5~6 days. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius is more suitable for planting green bean sprouts. When planting green bean sprouts, try to use the new mung beans harvested in the current year instead of the old beans(flat plastic tray). Watering should be thorough during the growth of mung bean sprouts, so we must ensure the degree of moisture.

You can also use the plate of the dish, then soak the mung bean in the water for a whole night, and taste good(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Then, because the flowering period of the carnation is long, many flower friends think that it can be used for many times. In fact, the carnation only takes one flower, time. In Citi, the carnations will bloom one after another(20cm plastic grow pots). After the early opening of the withering, the later meeting will sprout new flower buds, so they are blooming.

(cheap plastic rootmaker propagation trays manufacturer)Let's talk about the treatment of carnations after flowering(square nursery pots). Only one flower is placed at the top of each flowering branch of carnation. If there are several flower buds on each branch after the single flower is defeated, it is enough to take the opening and unloading. There is only one flower bud on the branch, and the following is defeated and cut along the fuchsia(23cm plastic grow pots). Each star gives a thin fertilizer and the flowers bloom continuously.

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